Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Classic Version

The guild house becomes available after A Room with a View and is located next to the Blue Palace reachable through your hot-springs. You now have a guild house where recruited explorers will live after completing Digging Up Explorers.

The guild house consists of two floors. The top floor contains beds for all of your guild members, while the ground floor has a Archaeology station, storage chests that are linked up to your safehouse storage and a display case. Additionally there is a frame for the guild charter. Once you talked with your guild members, after Digging Up Explorers, you can start excavating Nordic and Dwemer fragments and Keystones. These parts can be used to create Dwemer and Nordic artifacts at either the Archaeology station in the guild house, the one in the safehouse, or the one in the Curator's Office of The Museum. These items are displayable in the Hall of Lost Empires.

The back door leads to a balcony that grants access to the Dev Aveza once it has been acquired.

Next to the table sits the Explorer Dig Finds chest. By selecting the "I have a job for you" option with any of the Guild Members they will be send out to perform an excavation. Their spoils, coins and archeology fragments, will be inside the chest after they return. It is a very good way to obtain more fragments, as the usual way is rather tedious.

Guild house charter display.jpg

Explorer's Guild Charter Display

Explorer's Guild Charter

Guildhouse display.jpg

Display Cabinet

1st Shelf
Sands' Torch Kamahl's Map Luca's Pick Axe
2nd Shelf
Schneider's Sextant Merrian's Spyglass Alvaro's Tools
3rd Shelf
Aleksey's Key Malrus' Codex Sanamia's Journal (1) Sanamia's Journal (2) Sanamia's Journal (3) Sanamia's Journal (4) Sanamia's Journal (5) Sanamia's Journal (6)
4th Shelf
Picky's Beacon Deano's Bottomless Pack Arkayn's Tool Bag

Cloak stand to the right of the display case

Sir Jesto's Patch Work Cloak

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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SSE: Folgunthur, on a bedroll next to Alvaro's Knapsack in one of the tents outside the ruin.

If you use the GuildMaster start, you will find Schneider's Sextant, Alvaro's Tools, Deano's Bottomless Pack, and the Dwemer Compass in the tent across from you.