Legacy of the Dragonborn
No differences between SSE and Classic

Eternal Ice is a small side quest where you collect six Icy Shards in order to (re)create Hrormir's Icestaff at the Coldforge in Windcaller's Retreat. The quest can be started during The Excavation of Windcaller Pass.


During the excavation of Windcaller Pass, six shards can be found. After picking up the first one, this quest will start.


  • Show the Icy Shard to Auryen.
  • Find all 6 Icy Shards.
  • Return to Auryen.
  • Find the Coldforge.


Windcaller Pass

After finding the first shard, go to Auryen. He will tell you that this is a piece of crystallized ice known as Eternium, and it was used to create the staff of a wizard named Hrormir. The staff was broken into six pieces. Find the six shards in Windcaller Pass and return to Auryen.

Windcaller's Retreat

Auryen will tell you to use the Coldforge in Windcaller's Retreat to recreate the staff. Travel to Windcaller's Retreat. The Coldforge is the stone structure overlooking the excavation team's second camp. Activate the forge and take Hrormir's Icestaff.

Shards' Locations

# Location Description Visual
1 North Windcaller Pass At the nordic excavation site, choose the left path. The first shard is in a room with a rock bridge. It will be right in front of you. Make your way across the gap and pick it up.
Icy Shard 1-locafar.jpg
2 North Windcaller Pass After collecting the first shard, continue forward. The second shard can be found in the next large room, right before you go down the circular path. 
Icy shard loc2.jpg
3 North Windcaller Pass The third shard is located in the master-locked room after killing Hurraka. The room can be opened using Hurraka's Key.
Icy shard loc3.jpg
4 South Windcaller Pass The fourth shard is in South Windcaller Pass. You'll need to open the puzzle door using the Jade Claw. The shard is on the altar.
Icy shard loc4.jpg
5 South Windcaller Pass After the blockage in South Windcaller Pass, choose the right path and enter the room with the ice wraiths. The fifth shard is located in an alcove on your left.
Icy shard loc5.jpg
6 South Windcaller Pass The last shard can be easily found after the next blockage, in the room with the troll family and two bedrolls.
Icy shard loc6.jpg


Quest Stages

Eternal Ice (DBM_HrormirStaffQuest)
Stage Journal Entry
5 "I've discovered a large, strange shard of ice suspended above a pedestal. The shard is cold and clearly made of solid ice, but the ice does not melt within my grasp. I should see if Auryen knows anything about it."

Objective 5: Show the icy shard to Auryen

10 "Auryen has told me that the icy shard I found is a fragment of the Icestaff of Hrormir, a powerful wizard. I should keep an eye out for additional shards. Auryen says that according to legend there should be six shards in all."

Objective 10: Find all 6 icy shards

20 "I have gathered all six shards of Hrormir's Icestaff. I should bring them to Auryen and see if he knows of a way to reforge it."

Objective 20: Return to Auryen

30 "Auryen believes if I can find some sort of stone circle to place the shards within, it would reform the icestaff of Hrormir. I should search the pass for it."

Objective 30: Find the Coldforge

40 "I have reformed the staff of Hrormir and can claim my prize."