The Gallery entrance area has a series of displays with seating if you wish to sit and look at them. The screenshot opposite is taken whilst standing at the entrance door. Immediately ahead is the Hall of Heroes and through a door on the left is the Library and to the right the reception hall, also called the Reception Hall.
There are four achievement displays in the entrance area and positions for two paintings.

Thieves guild

Thieves Guild Display

Thieves Guild Accomplishment Display
Become master of the Thieves Guild


Darkbrotherhood Display

Darkbrotherhood destroyed

Darkbrotherhood Destroyed Display

Dark Brotherhood Accomplishment Display
Either Complete the Dark Brotherhood quest line (display shown) or destroy the dark brotherhood (for an alternate display not shown)


Comapanions Display

Companions Accomplishment Display
Complete the Companions quest line

Mages guild

Mages Guild Display

Winterhold College Accomplishment Display
Become the Arch Mage of the Winterhold College
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