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Revakheim in Revakheim's Vault, at the end of Konahrik's Accoutrements



After glimpsing at the "warlord prophecy," the Dragonborn will be able to choose between one of three new powers.

  • Abjuration Bolt (Lesser Power) – Casts a bolt of Abjuration, like the scroll. Costs 100 Magicka points to cast.
  • Sustained Thu'um (Greater Power) – Eliminates the waiting period between shouts for 6 seconds.
  • Eye of Akatosh (Passive Ability) - 50% chance for time to slow down during an enemy's power attack.

It is possible to select a different Warlord Power by reading the Elder Scroll again. Note: These powers all share the same cool-down and cannot be changed until one day or more has passed.


Revakheim's Vault

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