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Small dwemer thing that was trapped in the Sepulcher room. It gets set free by the Dragonborn and his Explorer's Society during their Excavation of Rkund. After which it befriends Madras and follows him around everywhere.

Quest involvement


Eggelmann can not be interacted with, will never turn hostile or attack and does not have dialog lines. His stats are Health: 5,Stamina: 25,Magicka: 25; but these are sort of irrelevant since he appears to have god mode on permenantly. He has a surprisingly high movement speed for such a little creature and can easily keep up with Madras.


  • Eggelmann is the second pet the Explorer's Society receives, the first one being Fafnir.
  • When asking Madras to follow you, he will wrongly assume you want Eggelmann as a follower at first.
  • When telling Madras that you found Karagas' Transmutation Forge during Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund, he will reply with "Eggelmann, can you believe that?" regardless if Eggelmann has already been found or not.
  • The only way to find his name aside from Madras' dialog is to cast spells like Soul Trap on him, which will cause it to display "Eggelmann resisted X"
  • Although his actual race is unknown, he is a rabbit according to the game code.
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