A variety of easter eggs and shoutouts can be found throughout Legacy.

Text taken from icecreamassassin's own description:

Ice's Stalhrim Spoon of Assassination: a knife/spoon that adds to crafting skills, a small shout out to the author of Legacy icecreamassassin

"It belongs in a museum" quest: a famous line from Indiana Jones and the last crusade

Discarded Sack: A sack which contains a bar of soap, a set of prison clothes and a worn out rock hammer damn near worn down to the nub. This is found at the end of a hidden tunnel from a prison cell in Deepholme and is a hommage to The Shawshank Redemption. (probably added in v15)

Rkund excavation sepulcher scene: A depiction of the famous wizard of oz wizard room scene which depicts Latoria (cowardly lion), Kyre (tin man), Marassi (Scarecrow) and Madras (Dorothy) deliver the lines from that scene as they approach a large dwemer head which appears and says "I am Kaz, the great and powerful..."

"I've been known to locate some things from time to time."- Erianna. A memorable line by Red from The Shawshank Redemption.

Madras' sexual orientation: Not really an easter egg but an interesting subtext that developed entirely on it's own. Not something I gave any thought to but after realizing that Madras inadvertently ended up with a female walking animation and he defaults to the Dorothy role in the Rkund Wizard of Oz scene, I can without a doubt say that Madras is most likely Gay :)

-Fafnir the racoon: A shout out to FafnirEterion who won the Explorer Guild mascott quest design contest with his idea for a Racoon that steals something from the excavation and they have to recover it. Also a shout out to Richard Wagner's Ring cycle of operas which includes the mythical dragon Fafnir, a giant turned greedy dragon, who's affinity for shiny things carries over to out furry mascott.

Jelal: Character name taken from Jelal in the Japanese Manga/Anime Fairy Tail

Explorer's Society: The guild name "Explorer's Society" is taken from AEG's collectable card game "7th sea". The explorer's society was one of my favorite factions to play in that game.

-Society Guard members names: The 5 new explorer society guards added to the museum and Deepholme are named: Sieglinde, Siegmund, Ger'trune (Gertrune), Hagar, and Gunther after characters in Richard Wagner's Der Ring Der Nibelungen.

-Cinnaspice Cookie: In the beta thread they (Cinnaspice, Nexus mods member) pointed out something I hadn't noticed before, so I said they deserve a cookie, and whimsical me being as I am, made a "Cinnaspice cookie" that damages health (because it's really spicy) and restores stamina (because it's sugary) when you eat it, and I placed it on the Reception Hall table.

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