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The Dragonsoul Forge becomes available at the end of Shattered Legacy.

Getting there (SSE)

Equip the Ayleid Waystone and return to Sancre Tor. The portal from the end of Shattered Legacy will still be there.

Getting there (Classic)

Return to Lost Valley Redoubt and the Sanctum of Akatosh. Standing on the seal will reveal the forge.

Ancient Tongues weapons

The player can spend 1 dragon soul to transmute the Sword of Ancient Tongues or one of the other Ancient Tongues weapons into any weapon type.

The Ancient Tongues weapons that can be transmuted to/from are:

None of these weapons can be improved at a workbench and automatically upgrade every 20 levels.

Qahnaarin's Grasp (Classic)

The player can spend 3 dragon souls to transmute Qahnaarin's Grasp from one type into another: Standard, Arcana, Might and Finesse.


This is the only place to obtain a copy of The Amulet of Kings 1st Edition for the Library.

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