Alternate Start Live Another Life, start-up quest.


Read your letter from Auryen Morellus

Read the letter in your inventory.

Meet Auryen at the museum

Review Auryen's Notes

Retrieve Urns from Borgoth in Helgen

When arriving in Helgen, the town has been burned to the ground. This stage auto fails due to that circumstance.

Investigate Bleak Falls Barrow

Kill the Draugr holding the Dragonstone.

Investigate Silent Moons Camp

Go to Silent Moons Camp north-west of Whiterun. Make your way through the dungeon and retrieve a ring.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (Quest ID)
Stage Journal Entry
  • Helgen has been attacked! Needles to say, the urns Borgoth was holding for Auryen have been destroyed.
I've arrived in Skyrim to assist Auryen Morellus in growing the new museum here in Solitude. I should check my letter and review the directions.

Objective :

Based on Auryen's instructions, I should venture toward the blue palace to find the museum. He says it's a large building just beside the palace at the far southeast end of town. Looking up from the dock, I can see the twin spires of the museum and the palace from there. It is colossal!

Objective :

I've arrived at the museum

Objective :

I should start by reviewing the notes Auryen gave me.

Objective :

Auryen's notes request that I procure some rare Nordic urns being held for him by a general merchant in Helgen named Borgoth. Then the note goes on to give directions to Bleak Falls Barrow, an ancient Dragon Temple, and Silent Moons Camp.

Objective :

Helgen has been attacked! Needless to say, the urns Borgoth was holding for Auryen have been destroyed.

Objective :

Objective :

I've undertaken to investigate the places Auryen indicated in his notes to me. I should now set out on my own and see what my further explorations might hold.

Objective :

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