Can be found in multiple locations throughout Coldharbour.
Known locations:

  • Highwayman's General Shop, Waterfront District: Hidden under the counter Balor is sitting on.
  • Looted from Menta Na, the flying Daedroth.
  • Fort Welkynd: Bottom floor, the room behind the lever-locked gate. On the table with the coffin chest.
  • Temple of Mara: In the Northern room, on the left of the large table.
  • Lipsand Cave: Looted from Guardian of the Wasteland.
  • Wellspring Cave: Looted from Mountain Eater.
  • Village of Tele: On a shelf in the abandoned house.
  • Inquisition Court District: In the ruin at the entrance, guarded by a Crestfallen Knight.


Requires Vigilant.


Jhunal is an old Nordic god that was eventually adapted into legends of Julianos. He is largely absent in modern Nordic worship, which may explain his interpretation as a powerful Atmoran mage.

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