Armory - Display room.jpg

There are three circular display rooms that you can fill with what you want. They function as a sort of personal armory. Any weapons or armor placed in these rooms will not count towards the total display count.

The three rooms are named South Hall, West Tower, and East Tower. The South Hall can be accessed by a door directly across from the entrance in the Armory, while the two tower rooms can be accessed through doors to the right and left of the entrance.

Each room has these displays available:

  • 15 mannequins. The mannequins can be all male or male and female depending on what you choose. The genders can be changed by clicking on the mannequins above the replica station in the Curator's Office.
  • 14 weapon racks along the line of mannequins
  • 16 weapon racks in the center

This means that you in all have 45 mannequins and 90 weapon racks you can fill any way you want. Some people dedicate each room to one type of armor (clothes for mages, light armor, heavy armor), but it is completely up to you how you want to do it.

You have access to even more extra display space for armors and weapons in the Lower Gallery of the Armory.

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