The Dev aveza is given to you by Rakis 5 days after completing "It Belongs in a Museum. Rakis will come to the Museum in the Dev Aveza and gifts it to the player. If the Special Edition version is installed, Rakis will instead meet the player outside the guild house to give them the Staff of Indarys before being assassinated by a Thalmor agent. After that, the ship remains for the player to use.

The Dev Aveza acts as a movable player home. There is a manual next to the fast-travel map on the first floor inside the ship. (This is only for the Legacy version of Dev Aveza). In order to fast-travel, set a location and go back outside, activating the steering wheel will move you and the ship to your chosen location. If Picky's Resonator is obtained it can be installed into the Dev Aveza engine.

The second level offers armor and weapon racks as well as crafting material chests that are all linked up to your safe-house storage. Anything deposited in the safe-house is also available from these chests.

There is a smugglers hold under a hidden floorboard on the bottom floor. Inside are two chests and Sanamia's Journal. If Moonpath to Elsweyr is not installed, the Thrassian Plaguesword will also be found here.


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