Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn
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The Daedric Exhibit Hall contains all things Daedric. The room is on two levels, you enter on the upper level which acts as an entrance way to two curved stairways leading to the main display area. There is one static monument which can be activated of Mehrunes Dagon as soon as you walk in. As well as custom displays, there are two mannequins and eight weapon racks for whatever you would like to place there. Before entering the hall in the stairwell there are positions for placing seven paintings.

Upper Level Displays

Mehrunes Dagon Display

Daedric gallery.jpg

This display is automatically enabled after visiting the Dawnstar Museum, hearing Silus Vesuius tell the history of the Mythic Dawn cult, and finishing the quest 'Pieces of the Past'. He will automatically start talking when the display case with the Last Remaining Page of Mysterium Xarxes is approached. It is safe to "attack" the actual Mysterium Xarxes with a spell (resulting in it turning into a random useless item), since the display will appear no matter what. Regardless of receiving Mehrunes' Razor or not, the display will activate.

This display cannot be enabled or disabled in the Museum Storeroom. Alternatively you can use console commands with the object code: XX125950 (replace XX with the number Legacy of the Dragonborn has in your load order).

Upper Left Displays

Daedricgallery leftdisplays.jpg
Fearstruck and Boethiah's Walking Staff
(requires Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods)
Neb-Crescen, Blade of Treachery
Fork of Horripilation (requires More Interesting Loot or
Immersive Weapons)
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
(requires The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal)
Ongar's Kegbreaker
Daedric Crescent

Upper Right Displays

Daedricgallery rightdisplays1.jpg
Bow of Shadows
Ancient Daedric Face of Inspiration
Ancient Daedric Face of Terror
Ancient Daedric Lord Cuirass
Ancient Daedric Lord Gauntlets
Ancient Daedric Lord Boots
Malacath's Cleaver (requires Immersive Weapons)
Daedricgallery rightdisplays2.jpg
Shrine of Boethiah: Receive the Blessing of Boethiah
from a Shrine of Boethiah.
Shrine of Azura: Receive the Blessing of Azura from a
Shrine of Azura.
Shrine of Mephala: Receive the Blessing of Mephala
from a Shrine of Mephala.

Lower Level Displays

Lower Left Displays

Deadric left.jpg
Masque of Clavicus Vile
Jyggalag's Sword
Mehrunes' Razor
Sanguine Rose
Ring of Namira

Lower Mid Displays

Daedric Gallery1.jpg
Sigil Stone (has its own display in the center)
Mace of Molag Bal
The Rueful Axe (replica)
Ebony Mail
Skull of Corruption (replica)
Savior's Hide
Azura's Star or The Black Star

Lower Right Display

Ring of Hircine
Ebony Blade
Skeleton Key (replica)
Miraak's Sword and Miraak's Staff
Goldbrand or Eltonbrand

Books Display

Blackbooks gallery.jpg
Black Book: Whispers of the Veil
(requires Undeath)
Black Book: The Winds of Change Black Book: Waking Dreams Black Book: The Sallow Regent
Black Book: Untold Legends Oghma Infinium Black Book: Epistolary Acumen
Black Book: Filament and Filigree Black Book: The Hidden Twilight

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