This is a utility handler quest that runs silently in the background to control both Finder's Keepers and One Man's Junk - which are the Radiant Quests found in Legacy of the Dragonborn.

While the player would not directly interact with this quest, as a troubleshooting measure the console can be used to force a particular stage to un-stick one of it's quests. Bear in mind that Finder's Keepers has a self-healing code built in so this is only to be used if that fails.

This quest also controls all dialogue for both quests, so if it is stopped or fails to start, you will be unable to play either of the quests that rely on it.

Quest Stages

DBM Radiant Quest Handler (DBM_RadiantHandler)
Stage Description
0 Startup Stage - will run on game start. Uses DBM_RadiantFunctions script to set the variables and populate the list of relics in Finder's Keepers. It then calls DBM_RadiantAddons to check supported mod items that can be added to the relic list.

Expected Papyrus Log Comments:

"DBM_RadiantRelicList has a size of 00 after firstrun." < Confirms number of Finders Keepers relics from Vanilla/Legacy

"Radiant Relic list increased from 0 to 0." < Confirms the total Finder's Keepers relics including supported mods.

1 Performs a re-roll of the relic for Finders Keepers. Then waits for the quest to be started. Will also start a 72 hour wait period if called after completing one instance of the quest.
5 Called when starting Finders Keepers - we re-rolled the relic again if the quest fails to start.
10 Reroll stage if player tell Auryen that they cannot find the relic. Fails and stops current quest. Starts a new quest. Also has a self-heal facility if the quest fails to restart.

Expected Papyrus Log Comments:

"DBM Radiant Relic has frozen - kicking it's arse." < Correcting a frozen quest restart.

15 Complete the hand-in of Finder's Keepers, calls Stage 1 to restart the quest.

Expected Papyrus Log Comments:

"DBM Finders Keepers Quest has shut down because all relics have been located." < No more relics to find.

100 Starts One Man's Junk after talking to Latoria
110 Starts the 24 hour wait when giving Latoria 20 ruined books
120 When receiving the quest reward from Latoria, the quest is completed, stopped and a new instance is started.
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