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The Curator's Office is located on the 1st floor of the Library, and can be accessed through a door at the bottom of the room with all the bookcases and book display.

This room holds most of the museum's interactive stations and is where you can customize the gender of the museum's mannequins.

One of the most important stations is the Replica Station which is to the right of the door. As the name implies, the replica station can be used to make replicas of items that is to be handed in for normal. Quest books, scrolls and the like will need to be replicated at the Scribe's Desk which is accessed by sitting down on the chair in front of the desk. Wines, ales and spirits can only be replicated in the Wine Cellar, at the Distilling Station. As long as you have had the original relic in your inventory, you will be able to craft it, even after it is handed in, so there is no need to craft a replica before you complete the quest associated with the original relic. All replicas require different resources to craft.

Above the replica station is a shelf with two mannequins and a small chest. Clicking the mannequins will bring up the mannequin choice menu, where you can choose whether you want only male mannequins or a mixture of male and female mannequins throughout the museum (male and female mix is the default).

Another important station is the Display Preparation Station. It is right across the room from the door. It is a table with lots of different things on it, like statues and display cases. It is to the left of the stand with the open book on it. When you click on the station, it will automatically sort all available museum items from your inventory to their display spots in the museum. It will not sort quest items.

The interactable wardrobe to the right of the stand with the open book holds a few items such as fine clothes and an amulet. Behind the clothes is a moveable fake backside which opens up access to the museum safe. The safe can be used to empty the museum of all displayed items. They will be deposited directly into your inventory.

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