Culture and Art Paintings 1

The Culture and Art Gallery houses displays for Falmer, Forsworn, Giant and Riekling related culture as well as 29 spots for paintings. The displays are enabled upon discovering set locations in Skyrim and Solstheim.

Additionally, alcoves can be enabled directly via the MCM menu if desired, this will however enable all displays from one theme at once.

The Fallen Falmer

Falmer alcove

The Fallen Falmer

The description box of the Falmer display will change to mention the Snow Elves upon completing of the Much Ado About Snow Elves (?) quest.
CAA falmerlocations2

Giants & Forsworn

Giant alcove

The Forsworn & Primal Giants

CAA forswornlocations

The Forsworn

Primal Giants

The Riekling of Solstheim


The Riekling of Solstheim

CAA rieklinglocations


Culture and Art Paintings 2
Culture and Art Paintings 3

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