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Safe house crafting

The crafting stations feature a fully automatic auto-sorting feature.

The bigger ledger in the corner and the chest next to it can be used to automatically store all your crafting supplies or exclude some or all items categories from auto-sorting. Setting up sorting categories can be done through the ledger or alternatively through the MCM menu.

Every crafting station will upon use take all crafting supplies from their containers and notify you when it has them. Activate the station a second time to begin crafting.

Upon exiting the crafting station your supplies will be stored again as long as auto-sorting is active.

Apart from the normal crafting stations there are four special crafting stations:

Archaeology Station:

In the desk below the station is a linked up storage for all the fragments.

Imbuing chamber:

Can be placed in the crafting room upon completion of 'Back to the Drawing Board'. See quest discription on how to get the crafting station.

Disenchanting font:

This crafting station will erase enchantments from player made and unique artifacts. DO NOT use the font on any generic enchanted gear that you find or purchase as the font will BREAK any future copies you may find. This is ONLY for use with player made and unique enchantments and is irreversible. Place a single item into the font, wait for the magical activator to appear, activate it and remove your disenchanted item. All improvements and name changes are reverted. This font will work with all mod added items as well.

Soul Gem Transmutation Forge:

A new station that can combine soul gems into larger versions has been added. Empty gems combine into larger versions and filled gems combine into larger filled gems. Soul gem shards can also be combined to create petty gems.

Soul Extractor:

A new station is available which will draw soul charge from enchanted items, providing filled soul gems and consuming the item in the process. This provides filled soul gems with charge value equal to the maximum possible charge of the item.

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