Lists of console commands please use with caution as some of these can mess up quest progression!

It does not matter if you use capitalized or small letters when writing in the code in the console.

List of Zones

Type COC "name of zone/cell" in the console to instantly go to a certain area, most of these are safe to use except for Deepholme.

Example: coc dbm_utility2   will take you to the museum's utility cell

Name of zone/cell Place
DBM_Utility Utility cell - almost everything that can be displayed in the museum is stored in this room. It is meant for testing purposes and a way to get lost items and not as a way for people to easily fill their museums.
DBM_Test8 Hall of Oddities

Quest related console commands

It is advisable to only use these if you know what you are doing, ex.: to fix a borked quest stage. Setting stages without following the guides or even jumping ahead can cause certain quests to not work properly.

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