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During the side quest 'Riddling Rails' you can get Clockwork Shot Mold, which will allow you to make Clockwork Shot bolts in your inventory. 1 Gold Ingot gives 3 Clockwork Shots.


'Riddling Rails' side quest: During 'The Brass Forest' main quest you will get Gorveri's Unwinder. After the quest in Lull-Mor near the Smithery, you will see green Goveric Switch. Use Gorveri's Unwinder on it. The Tram will appear. Board it. Play 3 Riddles with the Tram. You have to get 3 answers right or it will kill you. Exit the Tram. On the bench you will find the Mold. Board the Tram again to get back to Lull-Mor.


Can be crafted by Avarri in Lull-Mor, Smithery if you bring him the required materials:


Mold location

Avarri in Lull-Mor, Smithery

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