When Cloaks of Skyrim or the integrated Cloaks of Skyrim from Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade is installed, Legacy will provide a dressing room accessible from the Master Bedroom.

Within the new room is a large dresser to the right of the door. Any unique cloaks stored here will display on the racks.

Additionally, the three storage chests that were removed to make place for this room are to the left of the door.

Cloaks Display

Cloak dresser left wall

Left Wall

Left Wall

1 .Cloak of Morokei
2. Cloak of Krosis
3. Cloak of Volsung
4. Cloak of Otar the Mad
5. Cloak of Hevnoraak
6. Cloak of Nahkriin
7. Cloak of Rahgot
8. Cloak of Vokun

Cloaks dresser middle

Middle Wall

Middle Wall

1. Cape - Silver Hand
2. Vaermina's Devotion
3. Kvatch Guard Cloak
4. Hunter's Folly
5. Hjarvo's Blanket
6. The Fall of Winterhold
7. Nyartuk's Mantle
8. Mossy Wrap
9. Cape - Talos
10. Ashlander's Tribal Wrap - Zanaib
11. Ashlander's Tribal Wrap - Urshilaku
12. Himir's Hide
13. Cloak of the Crow
14. On Warm Sands
15. Cloak of the Northern Paladin
16. The Wild Hunt
17. Cape of the Red Eagle
18. Cloak - Daedric

Cloaks dresser right

Right Wall

Right Wall

1. Shroud of the Grey Fox
2. Cape of the Lover
3. Cloak - Scale / Scale Cloak
4. Cape - Companions
5. Cloak - Dwemer Purple
6. Cloak - Dwemer Ceremonial
7. Cloak - Dwemer
8. Cape - College of Winterhold

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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