Below is a list of location names for console use. Beware: Deepholme should not be accessed until the quest is completely done.

Type COC "name of zone/cell" in the console to instantly go to a certain area.

Example: coc DBM_DGDaedricHall   will take you to the Daedric Exhibit Hall.


Editor ID (Classic) Editor ID (SSE)LocationNotes
none DBMDebugRoom LOTD Debug Room Contains a few debugging toggles.
DBM_Utility2 DBMUtility2 Room of lost relics

Almost everything that can be displayed in the museum is in this room. Meant for testing purposes and a way to get lost items.

MuseumExterior MuseumExterior Entrance of the museum
DBM_DGHallofHeroes DBMDGHallofHeroes Hall of Heroes
DBM_DGDaedricHall DBMDGDaedricHall Daedric Exhibit Hall
DBM_DGHallofOddities DBMDGHallofOddities Hall of Oddities
DBM_DGBookStacks DBMDGBookStacks Books Stack cellar
DBM_DGAetheriumRoom DBMDGAethriumRoom Aetherium Weapons and Armor Compilation Room Holds displays for weapons and armor from Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation.
DBM_DGLibrary DBMDGLibrary Library The library has 3 floors and has room for almost every book in the game, think of it as a storage area for all the books you find on your adventures.
DBM_DGHallofLostEmpires DBMDGHallofLostEmpires Hall of Lost Empires An area mostly dedicated to Dwemer artifacts and other creations.
DBM_DGNaturalScience DBMDGNaturalScience Gallery of Natural Science Here you can display flora and fauna.
Same cell as Gallery of Natural Science Same cell as Gallery of Natural Science Fossil Mining Room Houses displays for 100+ fossils.
DBM_DGSafehouse DBMDGSafehouse The Safehouse One of the player homes. As you finish more quests, you can buy upgrades for the Safehouse.
DBM_DGHallofSecrets DBMDGHallofSecrets Hall of Secrets An area for you to display items you would not want the public to see.
DBM_DGWinecellar DBMDGWineCellar Wine Cellar A place you can display all of your unique alcoholic beverages.
DBM_DGPlanetarium DBMDGPlanetarium Planetarium Only the first floor, and is unusable if you haven't completed the quest yet.
DBM_AyleidPocketRealm DBMAyleidPocketRealm Ayleid Waystone Takes you to a pocket realm.
DBM_DGHallofLegends DBMDGHallofLegends Hall of Legends Resembles the layout of the daedric gallery except for 9 glass windows at the top, one covered with a Thalmor curtain. No functional doors or displays. Will likely be used in Odyssey.
DBM_DGUpperGallery DBMDGUpperGallery Upper Gallery Created to relieve stress on the Hall of Heroes, and to allow for more artifacts to be displayed in the Hall of Heroes.
DBM_DGCultureandArt DBMDGCultureandArt Culture and Art Gallery An area to display artifacts from the diverse cultures of Nirn.
DBM_DGDragonbornHall DBMDGDragonbornHall Dragonborn Hall Has lots of quest and item displays for supported mods and the door to the Hall of Secrets.
DBM_Deepholme DBMDeepholme Deepholme interior. It is a second, more secure location for displaying the original artifacts. DO NOT USE the code before completing the appropriate quest! Messing around will mess up the quest progression!
DBM_FortPalePass DBMFortPalePass Fort Pale Pass interior
DBM_FortPalePassStoreroom DBMFortPalePassStoreroom Fort pale pass Storeroom
DBM_FortPalePassVaults DBMFortPalePassVaults Fort pale pass Vaults / prison DO NOT USE before completing the appropriate quest! Messing around will mess up the quest progression!
DBM_FortPalePassWesttower DBMFortPalePassWestTower Fort pale pass West Tower DO NOT USE before completing the appropriate quest! Messing around will mess up the quest progression!
DBM_Ravenrest DBMRavenRest Raven's Rest
DBM_DGStoreroom DBMDGStoreRoom Museum Storeroom
DBM_DGArmory DBMDGArmory Armory
DBM_DGArmoryWest DBMDGArmoryWest Armory West Tower
DBM_DGArmoryEast DBMDGArmoryEast Armory East Tower
DBM_DGArmourySouth DBMDGArmorySouth Armory South Tower
DBM_DGArmoryLower DBMDGArmoryLower Armory Lower Gallery
DBM_SnowElfTemple DBMSnowElfTemple Temple of the Venerable Ones coc here is usually fine, however moving further inside and not just leaving can break quests. COC while explorers are following during trial of trinimac will most likely mess up the quest.
DBM_AirshipCabin DBMAirshipCabin Dev Aveza Cabin
DBM_DragonsFall DBMDragonsFall Dragon's Fall
DBM_DragonsFall_b DBMDragonsFallB Dragon's Fall - the Sanctum
DBM_DragonsFall_Depths DBMDragonsFallDepths Dragon's Fall - Depths
DBM_FieldStation01 DBMFieldStation01 Field station near Saarthal
DBM_Fieldstation02 DBMFieldStation02 Field Station near Rorikstead
DBM_Fieldstation03 DBMFieldStation03 Field station near Fort Amel?
DBM_GreenwallRuins DBMGreenwallRuins Lost Ruins
DBM_GreenwallSite DBMGreenwallSite
DBM_Guildhouse DBMGuildHouse Explorer's Society Guild House
DBM_JolgeirrBarrow DBMJolgeirrBarrow Jolgeirr Barrow
DBM_JournalDungeon01 DBMJournalDungeon01 Storeroom - Sealed Chamber
DBM_PalePassPassage DBMPalePassPassage Pale Cave
DBM_Rkund01 DBMRkund01 Ruins of Rkund
DBM_Rkund02 DBMRkund02 Ruins of Rkund - Magma Silo
DBM_Rkund03 DBMRkund03 Ruins of Rkund - Hall of Puzzles
DBM_Rkund04 DBMRkund04 Ruins of Rkund - Sepulcher
DBM_Rkund05 DBMRkund05 Ruins of Rkund - Karagas' Maze
DBM_Rkund06 DBMRkund06 Ruins of Rkund - Karagas' Tower
DBM_Sagruunde DBMSagruunde Yngol Barrow
DBM_Sanctum DBMSanctum Sanctum of Akatosh
DBM_DGHallofHeroesHeist DBMDGHallofHeroesHeist Hall of Heroes During the heist quest.
DBM_DGHallofHeroesHaunted DBMDGHaunted Hall of Heroes During the haunted museum quest.
DBM_TrinimacTemple01 DBMTrinimacTemple01 Trinimac's Temple Ruins
DBM_DBM_TrinimacTemple01 DBMSnowElfTemple Temple of Trinimac
? DBMEngelmannsRest Engelmann's Rest
EngRest_b DBMEngelmannsSanctuary Engelmann's Sanctuary
DBM_Utility DBMUtility Crafting containers and planters here.
DBM_Utility3 DBMUtility3
DBM_Utility4 DBMUtility4
Code LocationNotes
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