Byron is an essential NPC of the 'Shattered Legacy' quest and is a member of the Guardians. He spawns near the Whitreun Stables when the museum has a display count of 550, and starts looking for the player in Skyrim.

He is badly wounded because of three Morag Tong Assassins chasing him down. When he finally reaches you, he kneels before you and begs you to take a Jewel Fragment of the Amulet of Kings, revealing himself as the first Guardian, which starts the quest 'Shattered Legacy'.


  • Farm Clothes
  • Farm Boots


  • Random low amount of Gold


'Shattered Legacy', the first Guardian you're speaking to.

Combat and Behavior Skills

Stats at level 0
Health 50
Magicka 50
Stamina 50
One-Handed 15
Two-Handed 15
Archery 15
Block 15
Smithing 15
Heavy Armor 15
Light Armor 15
Pickpocket 15
Lockpicking 15
Sneak 15
Alchemy 20
Speech 20
Alteration 20
Conjuration 25
Destruction 15
Illusion 20
Restoration 20
Enchanting 15

Known spells and perks

  • None


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