Legacy of the Dragonborn
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Build the third field station, available after completing the Gauldur amulet. There is a short delay after 'Branching Out... Again' before the quest becomes available.


Gather 100 Lumber, 40 Stone, 20 Clay and 2000 gold

Collect all the materials, go to any Lumber Mill for the logs and mine up the Clay and Quarried Stone.

Build the Field Station

The location of the Field Station will be marked on the map. Travel there and use the supplies gathered and the crafting station to build the Field Station.

Return to Marassi

Travel back to the Explorer's Society and tell Marassi that the Field Station is built to complete the quest.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (DBM_ExplorerFieldStation03)
Stage Journal Entry
0 We are planning a third field station at the border between the Pale and Eastmarch. I need to gather 100 lumber, 40 stone blocks, and 20 slabs of clay as well as 2000 gold for the hold tax. I need to gather the gold so Marassi can take care of it.

Objective : Give Professor Marassi 2000 Gold for the jarl's tax

5 Objective : Build the Eastern Field Station
I've delivered supplies to Professor Marassi for the construction of a field station west of Fort Amol, at the border of Eastmarch.

Objective :