Can be found in multiple locations throughout Coldharbor.
Known locations:

  • Temple of Mara: Looted from Aria the Whisperer.
  • Village of the Mitta: Abondoned house on the right, on an altar on the second floor.
  • Temple of Buro: On a raised platform in the back, clutched by a dried corpse.
  • Cemetery of the Church of Arkay, Church of Arkay: Looted from Sir Torolf.
  • Gardener's House: In the attic, lying on the bed.
  • Inquisition Court Sewer: Conrad's room, on the lowest shelf next to a drum.
  • Underground Monastery of Marukh: Looted from the skeleton of Jhunal.
  • Underground Monastery of Marukh: Looted from Abbot Cosmas.
  • Naarifin's Court: Looted from Naarifin.
  • Malater Mansion: Looted from mad King Dro'Zel.


Requires Vigilant.


Jhunal is the Nordic version of the god Julianos. He is mentioned rarely in Nordic myths and is interpreted in Vigilant as an ancient and powerful Atmoran mage.

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