Looted from Giant Knight Ritho on the bridge to the Alessian Entrance Plaza.

Crafting Recipe

After defeating Ritho, his spear can be crafted at an Anvil of Zenithar. There are two variants, though only the two-handed spear is accepted by the display.


  • Requires Vigilant.
  • Only the Two-Handed Spear is accepted by the display.
  • The latest update features "Weapon Arts", unique powers available while the weapon is equipped, for select weapons added by Vigilant. The Spear bestows the "White Dragon Shout" power, a powerful thrust that blasts enemies away, at the cost of 160 Magicka.


Giant Knight Ritho


  • Though no character named Ritho exists in the Elder Scrolls lore, he is shown to be the knight master of Emperor Belharza. Belharza was the son of Alessia and Morihaus and became the second Emperor of the Alessian Empire.
  • The design of all of the Dragon-suffixed knights in Coldharbour is heavily inspired by the Dragonrider Knights from 'Dark Souls II'. Ritho himself is identical to the Tower Knight from 'Demon's Souls', though his arms and armor are white and gold instead of iron grey.
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