Legacy of the Dragonborn
Bathing Room.webp

The Bathing room is a purely decorative room. It can be accessed from the Master Bedroom upstairs.

Activating the valve to the right of the water inlet turns the bathtub into a whirlpool, but this is only a visual effect.

Inn Soaps Display

If the mod Inn Soaps and its respective Patch are installed, a display for the soaps is added at the left wall. The Bar of Soap from Legacy can now also be displayed on the water inlet.

Wall display  Water inlet display
Soap from Frostfruit Inn Soap from Dead Man's Drink Soap from Nightgate Inn Soap from The Frozen Hearth
Soap from Windpeak Inn Soap from Braidwood Inn Soap from Moorside Inn Soap from Four Shields Tavern Soap from Old Hroldan Inn Soap from Vilemyr Inn
Bar of Soap