Curator's Office on the first floor of the Library, on Auryen's desk.


When read, it starts the untracked quest 'Auryen's Notes: The Tools of Kagrenac' to retrieve the three tools of Kagrenac: Sunder, Wraithguard and Keening.


Of all the relics in Tamriel, the ones I should most like to see are the Tools of Kagrenac. The ancient Tonal Dwemer architect Kagrenac used the relics in order to instill the heart of Lorkhan into the Numidium.

In the 3rd Era, the Nerevarine gathered the tools together to thwart Dagoth Ur from raising Akulakhan, the second Numidium, and in that event, Keening was lost to later be cast out of Morrowind in a great eruption of Red Mountain that followed.

The remaining two relics were entrusted to Lord Vivec upon the Nerevarine's departure from Tamriel, and stayed in his care until the fall of Vivec City and the disappearance of Lord Vivec. The city was destroyed as the Ingenium, a massive rock that was cast at the city by Sheogorath ages prior, crashed into it when Vivec vanished from the city.

Based on the records of the temple, which are sketchy at best, I could tell that one of the relics was entrusted to a Hlaalu family and another given to a guardian in Tel Vos. After the events of the Red Year and the exodus of many Dunmer the artifacts also migrated, but to where I am unsure. They may well have been lost forever, but to find them would be fascinating to say the least.

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