Curator's Office on the first floor of the Library, on Auryen's desk.


When read, it starts the untracked quest 'Auryen's Notes: The Dragonmail Cuirass' to retrieve the Dragonmail Cuirass.


The Dragonmail Cuirass is a fantastic relic from ages past. Though now with the return of the dragons master smiths all over Skyrim are seeking the materials which had not been available for use since before the First Era.

Nonetheless, the Dragonmail Cuirass is still a masterfully made piece which was held at the museum of Mournhold until its unfortunate end. Torasa at the museum told me that the Cuirass was taken from the museum and safeguarded by a benefactor of the museum somewhere in Morrowind, but that the caretaker of the armor was murdered by a wizard and the armor taken.

The only indications I can find from the records on the investigation was that the killer's magic matched magic of Telvanni origin. Beyond this, I have no means of tracking the Cuirass' whereabouts.

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