Curator's Office on the first floor of the Library, on Auryen's desk.


When read, it starts the untracked quest 'Auryen's Notes: Umbra' to retrieve Umbra.


The legend of Umbra is a long lasting and sorted one indeed, truly depicting the political strife of the Daedric gods.

The blade was forged at the bequest of Clavicus Vile by an ancient witch, but she tricked him and provided a blade with so much power that it became sentient in its own right, dubbing itself 'Umbriel'.

The entity broke away from Clavicus Vile's control and sought to escape from the blade and managed to do so by breaking away a portion of Vile's realm as its own.

Since then, the blade and the being were joined again, ripped apart once more and cast out into the mortal world. It seems the blade of souls could never truly be destroyed.

I have heard rumors of an ebony clad warrior roaming the lands of the Reach, whose thirst for battle and violent tendencies are just too close to those who have been driven to the brink by the blade in ages past for it to go unnoticed as a possible lead to proving that Umbra still exists.

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