Curator's Office on the first floor of the Library, on Auryen's desk.


When read, it starts the untracked quest 'Auryen's Notes: Cyrus' Saber' to retrieve Cyrus' Saber.


Circa 2E 831, Cyrus the Redguard became a brigand, rebel and revolutionary in Hammerfell during the rise of Tiber Septim's empire. He and his sister were responsible for the liberation of Stros M'Kai island during this time. Once his task was completed he reportedly passed his blade down to the Nord captain Tobias, who kept the blade as a mantle of bravery and passed it down to his successors.

Ages later, the blade, nearly rotted away, was a mere trinket to the captain of the Brinehammer, a shadow of its prior glory.

I've since learned that the Brinehammer was due in to Dawnstar several months back and never arrived. I fear that any possible clues about Cyrus' Saber still existing or not are lost to the depths of the sea.

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