An untracked quest to retrieve the Warlock's Ring.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find Auryen's Notes on the Warlock's Ring in the Curator's Office and read them.
  2. Travel to Driftshade Refuge.
  3. Retrieve the Warlock's Ring from the 'damaged strongbox' on a low shelf between the anvil and grindstone in the boss room.


  • If you already picked up the Warlock's Ring before reading the notes, the quest finishes instantly with a different journal entry.
  • You can finish the quest by console by using Setstage DBM_AMJournalQST07 50. Only adviced if you are experiencing a problem with the quest.

Quest Stages

Auryen's Notes: The Warlock's Ring (DBM_AMJournalQST07)
Stage Journal Entry
10 Auryen has written extensive reports on the history of the Warlock's Ring and suggests that the Silver Hand, a group of werewolf hunters, may be in possession of it. I should investigate should I happen upon any.

Objective: Locate the Warlock's Ring.

30 I've found the Warlock's Ring in a hideout belonging to the Silver Hand, and not only taken care of their threat, but secured a powerful artifact in the process.
50 If it has already been found: Notes I've found in the library suggest that the Silver Hand hunters may have had possession of the Warlock's Ring, but it seems I've been one step ahead and already found the ring. I'll leave the journal be, as Auryen may want to add the next chapter of the ring's history to it.

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