An untracked quest to retrieve the Fists of Randagulf.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find Auryen's Notes on the Fists of Randagulf in the Curator's Office and read them.
  2. Travel to the Blue Palace in Solitude.
  3. Either steal the gloves from the master locked display in the corridor to the left of the throne room, or bribe or persuade Falk Firebeard to let you have the gloves.


You can finish the quest by console by using Setstage DBM_AMJournalQST09 15 (for bribe) or 20 (for theft) or 30 (for persuasion). Only adviced if you are experiencing a problem with the quest.

Quest Stages

Auryen's Notes: The Fists of Randagulf (DBM_AMJournalQST09)
Stage Journal Entry
10 The journal entries in Auryen's latest journal reveal that the Fists of Randagulf, a famous Skyrim artifact, have been here in Solitude the entire time we've been working, but that the palace declines to allow him access to them. Perhaps I could persuade them or maybe liberate the gauntlets in the name of posterity?

Objective: Locate the Fists of Randagulf.

15 Bribed Falk Firebeard: I've managed to procure the Fists of Randagulf by way of a generous "contribution" to the Stewart of Solitude.
20 Stole the gauntlets: I've managed to liberate the Fists of Randagulf from the Blue Palace in Solitude without their knowledge. I'll place the gauntlets in good care within the museum.
30 Persuaded Falk Firebeard: Through manner of persuasion I managed to get the stewart of Solitude to relinquish the Fists of Randagulf into the care of the museum for the sake of posterity.

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