An untracked quest to retrieve the Dagger of Symmachus.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find Auryen's Notes on Symmachus in the Curator's Office and read them.
  2. Travel to Saering's Watch on Solstheim.
  3. Defeat the Dragon watching over it and retrieve the Dagger of Symmachus from the altar on the third and highest level.


  • If you already picked up the Dagger of Symmachus before reading the notes, the quest finishes instantly with a different journal entry.
  • You can finish the quest by console by using Setstage DBM_AMJournalQST01 50. Only adviced if you are experiencing a problem with the quest.

Quest Stages

Auryen's Notes: Dagger of Symmachus (DBM_AMJournalQST01)
Stage Journal Entry
10 I found a journal of Auryen's that talks about the Dagger of Symmachus and how he theorizes that it may be held by some kind of ritualist on Solstheim near Frykte Peak perhaps. If I find myself on Solstheim, I should keep an eye out.

Objective: Locate the Dagger of Symmachus.

20 I found the Dagger of Symmachus at an altar at Saering's Watch, though there is no sign of the dagger's owner.
50 If it has already been found: I have found Auryen's notes on The Dagger of Symmachus, but I already found it. He really should stop leaving these superfluous notes lying around.
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