Can be found in multiple locations throughout Coldharbor.
Known locations:

  • Martha's House, Waterfront District: On a shelf on the second floor.
  • Fort Welkynd: Looted from Belharza.
  • Sard Charnel, Sard's Sarcophagus: Looted from the skeleton of Vena Petilius.
  • Slums, Prison Tower Sewer: Bottom floor, next to Sir Caius in the bonfire room.
  • Barrier Tower of Aran: Looted from Baptist Menelion.
  • Malada Ageasel: Looted from Caliburn the Selector.
  • Gorieus' Charnel: Looted from the skeleton of Emperor Gorieus.


Requires Vigilant.


Sard is the name of an ancient Ayleid ruin in Cyrodiil and was the birthpalce of St. Alessia. In Vigilant, Sard is personified as a Saint of the Alessian Order.

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