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Additional jewelry displays for the mod Amulets of Skyrim. Replaces the six paintings on the wall next to the Jewelry Display with a large display case for amulets and rings.

Notes while filling them in:

  • The Hold amulets show both the Jarl and Thane amulets, but the auto sorter also takes the silver versions that don't display and don't count towards display count.
  • Rings take either right or left rings, either enchanted or non-enchanted.
  • Some spots take multiple displayable versions, but will only show one or two amulets, f.ex. Nightingale Amulets: All three can be displayed, it only shows the silver or gold version, but all three count towards display count.
  • Still need to check non-enchanted amulets for the majority.
Amulets of skyrim display


1st Row

Eastmarch Jarl's Necklace and Eastmarch Thane's Necklace
Falkreath Jarl's Necklace and Falkreath Thane's Necklace
Haafingar Jarl's Necklace and Haafingar Thane's Necklace
Hjaalmarch Jarl's Necklace and  Hjaalmarch Thane's Necklace
Pale Jarl's Necklace and Pale Thane's Necklace
Reach Jarl's Necklace and Reach Thane's Necklace
Rift Jarl's Necklace and Rift Thane's Necklace
Whiterun Jarl's Necklace and Whiterun Thane's Necklace
Winterhold Jarl's Necklace and Winterhold Thane's Necklace
Thalmor Necklace
Hero of Skyrim (Imperial) and Imperial General's Amulet
Dwarven Amulet
Amulet of Azura
Amulet of Boethiah (DB)
Amulet of Mephala

2nd Row

Archmage's Silver Amulet and Archmage's Gold Amulet
Companions' Amulet and Amulet of the Circle and Amulet of Wuuthrad or Harbinger's Amulet
Shrouded Amulet
Jester's Amulet
Listener's Amulet or Ominous Amulet
Amulet of the Ritual
Amulet of the Warrior
Amulet of the Lover
Amulet of the Lady
Amulet of the Lord
Amulet of the Tower
Amulet of the Mage
Amulet of the Atronach
Amulet of the Shadow
Amulet of the Thief
Amulet of the Steed
Amulet of the Serpent
Amulet of the Apprentice
Ring of the Voice (Necklace) and Ring of Jurgen Windcaller (Necklace)
Dragonbone Amulet
Hero of Skyrim (Stormcloaks) and Ulfric's Amulet
Amulet of Boethiah
Silver Hand Amulet
Amulet of the 7000 Steps
Amulet of Werewolf

3rd Row

Amulet of Zahkriisos
Amulet of Ahzidal
Amulet of Dukaan
Amulet of Miraak
Amulet of Krosis
Amulet of Volsung
Amulet of Nahkriin
Amulet of Hevnoraak
Amulet of Otar
Amulet of Morokei
Amulet of Rahgot
Amulet of Vokun
Amulet of Konahrik
Amulet of Vaermina
Amulet of the Wolf Queen
Potema's Amulet
Forsworn Briarheart Amulet

4th Row

Blades Amulet
Amulet of Auriel Desecrated Amulet of Auriel
Dawnguard Amulet
Necklace of Vampire
Necklace of Molag Bal
Morag Tong Necklace
Necklace of Gnashing Blades
Necklace of Delving Pincers - Necklace of Prying Orbs
Necklace of Boneless Limbs
Necklace of Black Book
Cultist Amulet
Amulet of the True Tribunal
Gold Amulet of Temple and Silver Amulet of Temple
Redoran Captain's Amulet and Redoran Guard's Amulet
House Hlaalu Silver Necklace and House Hlaalu Gold Necklace
House Redoran Councilor Necklace and House Redoran Necklace
House Redoran Honorary Necklace
House Telvanni Master Necklace and House Telvanni Necklace

5th Row

Amulet of the Black Star
Amulet of Azura's Star
Amulet of Oghma Infinium
Amulet of Clavicus Vile
Amulet of Dawnbreaker
Amulet of Ebony Blade
Amulet of Ebony Mail
Amulet of Mehrunes' Razor
Amulet of Hircine
Amulet of Molag Bal
Amulet of Namira
Amulet of the Rueful Axe
Amulet of Sanguine Rose
Savior's Amulet

6th Row

Ancient Nord Amulet of the Snake
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Fox
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Owl
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Whale
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Bear
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Moth
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Eagle
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Wolf
Ancient Nord Amulet of the Dragon
Silver Flute Necklace and Gold Flute Necklace
Silver Lute Necklace and Gold Lute Necklace
Silver Drum Necklace and Gold Drum Necklace
Amulet of Wabbajack
Amulet of Skeleton Key
Amulet of Spellbreaker
Skull Amulet of Corruption or Skull Amulet of Vaermina
Amulet of Volendrung

7th Row

Forsworn Torc
Torc of Labyrinthian (AOS)
Melka's Necklace
Mora's Bondage
Falmer Amulet
Guild Master's Amulet
Thieves Guild Necklace and Thieves Guild Silver Necklace
Nightingale Amulet and Nightingale Gold Amulet or Nightingale Silver Amulet
Mythic Dawn Amulet
Penitus Oculatus Amulet


Ring of Zahkriisos
Ring of Ahzidal
Ring of Dukaan
Ring of Miraak
Ring of Krosis
Ring of Volsung
Ring of Nahkriin
Ring of Hevnoraak
Ring of Otar
Ring of Morokei
Ring of Rahgot
Ring of Vokun
Ring of Konahrik
Ring of Wooden Mask
Ring of Dragonborn (silver)
Ring of Dragonborn (gold)
Ring of the Voice
Ring of Jurgen Windcaller
Thalmor Ring

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