Found randomly in loot containers and when mining, and can be mined from amethyst geodes on Solstheim.

It can also be found in:

  • Ancestors Glade on an offering rock.
  • Bannermist Tower, on a round table.
  • 3 in Deekus Camp, Helas Folly in a wooden box under the wood tent.
  • Dragon's Fall - Depths, on an altar behind a boss chest.
  • Dragon's Fall - The Sanctum, in the small bedroom connected to the big dining room, on the stone table.
  • Embershard Mine, on the table in the storeroom at the back of the mine.
  • Forgotten Valley in a Falmer tent near the Temple.
  • Frostflow Lighthouse on a bookshelf in Sudi's Room.
  • Gyldenhul Barrow under one of the numerous gold piles.
  • Hilgrund's Tomb on the stone table near the Boss chest.
  • Hrothmund's Barrow beside the chest in the hidden chest room.
  • Irkngthand Grand Cavern behind a locked metal gate on the podest.
  • 5 in Inner Sanctum beside the boss chest.
  • Korvanjund Crypt in the word wall room in a stone bowl in an upper corner.
  • Labyrinthian Maze in one of the corners.
  • Mara's Eye Den on a square wood table.
  • Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary in the tomb with the loot.
  • Raven Rock Mine in a bowl on a bookshelf.
  • Ravenscar Hollow on the table in the room with the cage.
  • Redwater Spring in a glazed bowl on a table in front of an arcane enchanter.
  • Riftweald Manor in Riften, in Mercer Frey's secret office in the tunnels under the manor, in a bowl on the table.
  • Sargruunde in the unmarked Sunken Barrow, in the treasure room.
  • Severin Manor in the dagger display.
  • Sunderstone Gorge in a bookshelf close to the Boss chest room.
  • Swindler's Den on a square table.
  • Temple, Raven Rock in the offerings box.
  • 2 in Temple of the Venerable Ones, behind the fourth door from the left in a silver bowl.
  • Understone Keep, Markarth in a wooden bowl in the dining room.
  • Valthume in a bookshelf in the room with the spiral staircase.
  • Vehlek Seins hidden treasure in the Silver Bowl.
  • Volkihar East Tower, among the loot from a dead person in a broken staircase.
  • Volkihar Keep on a bookshelf in the armorers Room.
  • Volkihar Ruins in a cooking pot on a bookshelf behind a wooden door.
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