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|mod1 =LOTD
|articles1 =[[Amber (treesap)]]
|image1 =Amber.jpg
|mod2 =FM
|Type =Gemstone
|articles2 =[[Amber (Fossil Mining)]]
|Subtype =
|Weight =0.1
|Value =70
|Museum =Gemstone display in the [[Gallery of Natural Science]].
|Deepholme =
|Origin ={{Abb|LOTD}}
|RefID =40FEC1
Found randomly in loot containers and when mining, and can be made at a smelter with the following materials:
*2 {{Wiki|Sleeping_Tree_Sap|Sleeping Tree Sap}}
It can also be found in:
*2 in [[Temple of the Venerable Ones]], behind the seventh door from the left, in a pile of gold.
===Temple of the Venerable Ones===
Gems Temple of Venerable Ones 7th door.jpg{{!}}Location in Temple of the Venerable Ones
Image_needed.jpg{{!}}Temple of the Venerable Ones map
Image_needed.jpg{{!}}Temple of the Venerable Ones on map
[[Category:Gemstone Display]]
[[Category:Gallery of Natural Science]]

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