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<table border="0px" align="left" width="40%" cellpadding="5px"><tr>
|mod1 =LOTD
<th align="left" width="140px">Type</th><td>Gemstone</td></tr><tr>
|articles1 =[[Amber (treesap)]]
<th align="left">Weight</th><td>0.1</td></tr><tr>
|mod2 =FM
<th align="left">Value</th><td>70</td></tr><tr>
|articles2 =[[Amber (Fossil Mining)]]
<th align="left">Origin<br />(game/mod)</th><td>Mod: Legacy of the Dragonborn</td></tr><tr>
<th align="left">Quest or Location</th><td>Found randomly in loot containers and when mining.</td></tr><tr>
<th align="left">Display(s)</th><td>'''Museum:''' Gemstone display in the [http://legacy-of-the-dragonborn.wikia.com/wiki/Gallery_of_Natural_Science Gallery of Natural Science].</td></tr><tr>
<th align="left">Reference ID</th><td>'''XX'''40FEC1 ('''XX '''must be replaced with the number Legacy of the Dragonborn has in your load order)</td></tr></table>
[[Category:Gallery of Natural Science]]

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