When starting a new game through ASLAL's Statue of Mara, choose the option "I am the Guild Master for the Explorers Society" option added by its Relic Hunter addon. This quest introduces the character to the Explorer's Society and then sends the character to Solitude to meet Auryen and immediately become the Relic Hunter without having to complete An Interesting Prospect.


The player character awakens in a tent. Karl the Excavator notices his Guild Master is awake and comes to ask how you are doing, alluding to an incident yesterday in which an excavation chamber caved in, causing you head trauma.

Gather your explorer tools, gear up and investigate the ruins

A Guild Master's tools

A Guild Master's tools

In the tent across from the one in which you woke up, you will find a stash of potions, some pickaxes, a satchel of lockpicks, a crate of torches, a selection of low-level weapons, heavy and light Explorer's Guild armor, gloves, and boots, and several tools typically associated with Tools of the Trade: Schneider's Sextant, Alvaro's Tools, Dwemer Compass, and Deano's Bottomless Pack. Note that only the special properties of the pack can be used at this time due to your lack of Archaeology skill.

Once you have gathered and equipped your desired items, the Akaviri Outpost ruin can be found North of your camp. Enter, and Arginal will update you on the status of the excavation.

Investigate the Akaviri ruins

To the Southwest is a door titled "Akaviri Outpost Hold" - enter it. Several skeletons await you inside, which Arginal will help you eliminate. There is a full set of Ancient Akaviri Armor here for you to collect. Along the Southeastern wall, there are stairs leading down to your next objective--a sealed door, which Arginal will comment on.

Find a way to open the inner sanctum door

The mechanism to open it is on the back of the throne to the Northwest. Arginal will call out to you confirming the door is now unlocked. Note that this handle does not appear until you have examined the locked door.

Investigate the Akaviri ruins



Open the newly unlocked door. A few more skeletons await you but are easily dispatched. In the center of the room you will find Drakensang. Upon removing Drakensang from its pedestal, the door in the back will open, and a spectral boss will attack you.

Show the Drakensang to Karl

Before you leave, note there is a Carnelian, Pyrite, Jade, and Coin: Akaviri Dragon Silver Piece in the bowl next to the General's throne. Exit the ruins and speak to Karl. He mentions that Auryen, a former colleague of yours, is setting up a museum in the large building in front of the guild hall, that he has offered Auryen a place in the Explorer's Society as chief librarian, and that you are being offered a place as the museum's relic hunter. He also tells you Farlan is headed to Whiterun and can take you with him, and you can get a carriage to Solitude from there.

Quest Stages

Akaviki Rising (DBM_RHStartQST)
Stage Journal Entry
10 "I've woken up late to find that I am in the midst of an excavation of an Akaviri ruin and am the Guild Master of the Explorers Society. I have very little recognition of this, though, as I apparently took a pretty good hit to the head yesterday during the dig. The chief excavator of the dig has said I should gather my tools and equipment and head into the ruin. I'm sure it will come back to me."

Objective 10: Gather your explorer tools, gear up and investigate the ruins

15 "The team has managed to clear the cave in and gained access to the next level of the tower ruins. Arginal is waiting inside to accompany me in exploring the ruins further."

Objective 15: Investigate the Akaviri ruins

20 "The door to the inner sanctum of the Akaviri tower is sealed with some kind of mechanism. There must be a switch or something in the room that controls it. I need to find it if we are going to proceed."

Objective 20: Find a way to open the inner sanctum door

25 "I found a switch which apparently has unlocked the door to the inner sanctum. We should check it out next."

Objective 25: Investigate the Akaviri ruins

30 "I've defeated the ghost of general Xile and recovered a very unique Akaviri chakram weapon called Drakensang. I should show the weapon to Karl the excavator and see what he thinks about it.

Objective 30: Show the Drakensang to Karl

40 "I've completed my part of the excavation of the Akaviri tower, and uncovered a rather interesting artifact. My old colleage, Auryen Morellus, is apparently setting up shop right next door to our guildhouse in Solitude and even joined the guild ittself. I should check in with him at the museum and catch up.

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