If you have the mod Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation installed, Legacy will automatically patch itself to allow you to use this room in the Hall of Lost Empires.

Below is a list of all the items that can be displayed in this room, from left to right.

Aetherium left.jpg

Left side

1st Weapons and Shield Display

Aetherial Dagger
Aetherial Sword
Aetherial Greatsword
Aetherial War Axe
Aetherial Battleaxe
Aetherial Hammer
Aetherial Warhammer
Aetherial Bolt Launcher
Aetherial Shield

1st Jewelry Display

Aetherium Circlet
Aetherium Amulet
Aetherium Ring

Aetherium scenter.jpg

Armor Displays

1st Armor Display

Aetherial Helmet
Aetherial Armor
Aetherial Gauntlets
Aetherial Boots

Aetherium forge static quest display

The Display activates after completing the quest Lost to the Ages And only appears at this location if the Aetherium Armor and Weapons mod is installed. Otherwise it will take the place of the door to this room in the Hall of Lost Empires.

2nd Armor Display

Aetherial Steel Helmet
Aetherial Steel Armor
Aetherial Steel Gauntlets
Aetherial Steel Boots

Right side

Aetherium right.jpg

2nd Jewelry Display

Aetherium Steel Amulet
Aetherium Steel Ring

2nd Weapons and Shield Display

Aetherium Steel Shield
Aetherial Steel Bolt Launcher
Aetherial Steel Warhammer
Aetherial Steel Hammer
Aetherial Steel Battleaxe
Aetherial Steel War Axe
Aetherial Steel Greatsword
Aetherial Steel Sword
Aetherial Steel Dagger
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