Airship and Archaeology Patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn by Pickysaurus

- Adds travel destinations for Dev Aveza
- Adds digsites to ruins found in the new wordspaces and dungeons

Currently supported:
- The Grey Cowl of Noctural by mannygt - adds Ben Erai to Dev Aveza destinations, adds 2 Dwemer digsites (Khenzedum) and 1 Nordic digsite (Tomb of the Forgotten Dragur)
- Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky - adds Amber Creek and Falskaar Docks to Dev Aveza destinations, adds 4 Dwemer digsites (Echo Deep Mine, Mzubthand and Vizemundsted) and 3 Ancient Nordic digsites (Mountain Mist Temple, Mammouth Keep, Ruins of Holmr)
- Helgen Reborn by Mike Hancho - adds Helgen's Private Tower to Dev Aveza destinations, adds 6 Ancient Nordic digsites to Skybound watch and Staadormar.
- The Wheels of Lull by Trainwiz - adds Lull-Mor lift to Dev Aveza destinations. No digsites as there are no worldspaces that have relevant ruins.
- Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050 - adds 3 digsites to Winterhold ruins.
- Konahriks Accoutrements by edhelsereg - adds 4 Ancient Nordic digsites to Revakeim.
- The Forgotten City by TheModernStoryTeller - add Dev Aveza stop to the City after the Main Quest, adds 6 Dwemer digsites around the city and surrounding areas.
- Moon and Star by GanXingba - adds digsites to Kagrenar. (IMPORTANT: If using MAS with LOTD you must install the MAS patch from Patch Central!)
- Wyrmstooth by Jon0xr - adds Imperial Mining Settlement (after first arriving on Wyrmstooth) and Fort Valus (once purchased) to Dev Aveza destination. As the mod isn't available to download currently, I have left off digsites but may add them if the patch becomes popular.
- Clockwork - adds a Dev Aveza stop to Clockwork Castle.
- Bruma by Beyond Skyrim Team - adds a Dev Aveza stop to Bruma.

Relic Hunter by icecreamassassin (SSE-Version)

This addon pack for Legacy of the Dragonborn and Alternate Start - Liver Another Life allows you to begin a new game as the guild master for the explorer's society. You start at the site of a small excavation of some Akaviri ruins with several explorer relic tools already at your disposal to get you going as a true relic hunter! The explorer's society and membership recruitment will already be established in this new start, allowing you access to all the benefits and features it has to offer.The ruins quest is only available when using the new LAL guild master start but the ruins itself is accessible upon discovery using any start including the original Relic Hunter dockside start.Requires Alternate start - Live Another Life. (SSE-Version)

The Lost Legacy of the Nine by JCBQ

Adds an unmarked quest to finish the armor as well as an official start for Legacy's Crusaders relics quest besides adding in a more lore friendly story of the 4th era Knights of the Nine. Is script free and as such should allow it be be mergable, but does still have a lot of work to be done.
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