Academia skill tree

Supporter Branch


Sell prices on your items is increased by 10%.


Provides more gold and inventory to the Explorer's Society Quartermaster shop.

Dwemer Branch

Dwemer Specialization:

Resist shock 10%, increased critical chance and damage to automatons by 15%.


Automatons drop increased loot and the possibility of fragments.


You can spend 1 Filled Greater Soul Gem to rebuild a fallen automaton as a follower.

Nordic Branch

Nordic specialization:

Resist Fire 10%, increases critical chance and damage to undead by 15%.


Find increased amounts of gems gold and possible fragments from Draugr, urns and burial remains.

Walk Amongst the Dead:

Provides a power that allows the caster to move unabated among the undead.

Falmer and Snow Elf Branch

Falmer specialization:

Resist Poison 10%, increased critical chance and damage to Falmer and Chaurus by 15%.


Yield more resources and possible fragments from Chaurus and Falmer.

Tamer's Hand:

You have a chance to tame 1 Chaurus at a time by interacting with it.

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