Build the Explorer's Society Guild House.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Start work on building the Guild House.
  2. Build the foundation.
  3. Build the frame.
  4. Build the roof.
  5. Let Auryen know the Guild House is built.

Detailed Walkthrough

Auryen will set up a crafting station in the hot-springs for building the Explorer's Society Guild House. He will also point you towards Hjorunn at the Solitude sawmill to buy some logs.

Start work on building the Guild House

The materials needed for each of the building stages are:

  • Foundation: 20 Logs, 30 Nails.
  • Frame: 10 logs, 10 nails, 15 Quarried Stone.
  • Roof: 15 Logs, 10 Nails, 10 Clay.

Let Auryen know the Guild House is built

Return to Auryen in the museum. After speaking he will follow you. Go inside the Guild House where he will explain about the charter he wrote and leave a list of candidates on the table. Reading the list starts the next quest 'Digging Up Explorers' Also pick up the copy of the Explorer's Guild Charter for the display in the Explorer's Society Guild House.

Quest Stages

Stage Journal Entry
Journal Entry

Objective : Auryen and I are establishing "The Explorer's Society", a guild for explorers and archaeologists. He is beginning the Guild Charter and I am going to begin building the Guild House. Once I complete it, I should check back with him.

Journal Entry

Objective : I've completed work on the new Guild House. I should check in with Auryen and see how he's coming on the charter.

Journal Entry

Objective : I'm going to show Auryen around the Guild House and we'll discuss the charter.

30 Journal Entry

Objective : I've shown Auryen the Guild House and we've reviewed the Charter. He has given me some information on possible candidates for the Guild. Together we should be able to fill the ranks out nicely.

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