Museum Storeroom Trapdoor 1
Museum Storeroom Trapdoor 2
Storeroom (LotD)

The trapdoor to the museum storeroom is found just inside the Armory, on the right by the armory cabinet. This room cannot be accessed via the Curator's Guide.

Each of the storyline and achievement displays that automatically appear when you reach their criteria can be manually enabled or disabled here. A message saying "displays enabled/disabled" will appear after activating a display, however only the display you activated will be toggled. This is intended to be a way to put up the displays in the event of compatibility issues, however if you simply want them up all the time, you can enable them anyway without completing the quests. It is highly recommended that you DO complete the quests however, since many items found in them have spots throughout the Museum.

There are a few miscellaneous crates and barrels which can be used for storage in the center of the room, and on the table is the book Book of Relics - Auryen Morellus.