Living Room 1
Living Room 2
Sorting chest

Sorting Chest

Sell Cart

Sell Cart

The main room of your private safehouse.

Directly to the right of the main entrance to the safehouse (the one by the balcony) is the Sell Cart that becomes available at 100 displays, after talking you have talked to Auryen about having too much stuff. However, the cart only sells at 30% of an item's value and does not take into account any enchantments on the items.

On the opposite side, between two bookcases, is a sorting chest that will redirect items placed within it in to various storages around the safehouse depending on their category. Books placed in here will automatically appear in the book return in The Library.

Above the fireplace is a single display that appears after the completion of Shadows of One's Past (museum heist). Once that quest is completed, you will get a family heirloom from Avram that has a display here.

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