The Hall of lost Empires houses displays that are associated with the Nords, Dwemer and the Falmer. If you have the mod Aetherium Armor and Weapons installed, the Collection d'Aethérium room will be added to the Hall of Lost Empires.

Below is a list of items that can be displayed in this room, starting from the left of the door.




Upper right - Archaeology


Upper right - Snow Elf


Nordic display


Upper left + Morrowloot


Auriel display


Dwemer display


Aetherium weapons + Morrowloot

Upper level displaysModifier

Snow Elf Display Modifier

Glacial Spire
Wraith's Bite
Winter Storm
Trinimac's Might
Black Ice
Staff of the Snow Prince
Staff of the Sky Prince
Staff of the Sun Prince
Rising Dawn

Upper Left DisplaysModifier

Morrowind Dwemer Device
Morrowind Dwemer Pitcher
Morrowind Dwemer Goblet
Morrowind Dwemer Bowl
Dwemer Relief Carving
Dwemer Royal Bust
Dwemer Sphere Model
Dwemer Compass (replica)
Dwemer Telescope
Dwemer Automated Apothecary
Dwemer Engraving Tool
Dwemer Transcription Machine
Ornate Nordic Urn
Ornate Nordic Cup
Ancient Nordic Burial Shrine
Ancient Nordic Tapestry
Totemic Brazier
Merethic Crest
Dragonscale Coffer
Nord Wedding Amulet
Mark of the Five Hundred
Nord Tomb Relief
Snow Elf Chalice
Snow Elf Kulniir Bowl
Ashking Crown
Falmer Hexing Shrine
Falmer Scepter
Shrine of Y'ffre
Falmer Totemic Sconce
Snow Elf Crest
The Eldenroot Staff
Snow Elf Pictoglass

Planetarium CubesModifier

Sky Cube
Planetary Cube
Constellation Cube
Aetherium Cube
Storm Cube

Upper Right DisplaysModifier

The Tonal Staff of Karagas
Attunement Sphere
Visage of Mzund
Dwemer Puzzle Cube
Kagrumez Resonance Gems
Ash Extractor
Blank Lexicon (replica)
Focusing Crystal (replica)
Essence Extractor
Dwemer Pneuma-Trap

Wall DisplayModifier


Dwemer AutomatonsModifier

Sphere: Avanchzel
Centurion: Blackreach
Ballista: Fahlbtharz
Spider: Nchundzel

Lower level displaysModifier

Lower Left DisplaysModifier

Harmonic Touchstone
Snow Elf Urn
Phynaster's Cup
Solid Bronze Tablet
Initiate's Ewer
Falmer Statue of Irkngthand
Auriel's Bow
Statue of Auriel
Auriel's Shield
Shrine of Auriel (activation grants Auriel's blessing)
Calcelmo’s Rubbings
Spear of the Snow Prince
Remains of the Snow Prince

Paragon DisplaysModifier

Amethyst Paragon
Diamond Paragon
Emerald Paragon
Ruby Paragon
Sapphire Paragon

Lower Mid DisplaysModifier

Pottery from Ustengrav
Draugr Statue (Dead Men's Respite)
Puzzle Pillar (Saarthal)
Puzzle Door (Korvanjund)
Pottery from Shroud Hearth
Ancient Remains (Ysgramor’s tomb)
Stone Bust (Angarvunde)
Urn (Volskygge)

1st Freestanding DisplayModifier

Mummy (Forelhost)

Lower Right DisplaysModifier

5 Control Cubes from Nchardak
Nchardak Display
Tower of Mzark Display
Bthardmz Display
Irkngthand Display
Rkund display
Bthalft Display
Alftand Display

The Tools of Kagrenac DisplayModifier


Aetherial DisplayModifier

Aetherial Staff
Aetherial Shield
Aetherial Crown

Aetherium Forge Quest DisplayModifier

The display activates after completing the quest Lost to the Ages.
If the Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation mod is installed, there will instead be a door here leading to the Aetherium Weapons and Armor Compilation Room and the quest display will be moved inside the Aetherium Collection room.

Weapons DisplayModifier

Spider Control Rod
Shismhaz's Conductor
Crossbow and Bolts Schematics

Dwemer Wares (out of date)Modifier


SPOILER list - How to get all itemsModifier

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