The Hall of Oddities is accessed through a corridor off the main Hall of Heroes and features display cases and shield plaques for "odd" or special artifacts, weapons and shields. The display in the middle of the room is 'The Spirit of Adventure' and will show up after 300 displays in the gallery. The oddities room gives access to the Skyrims Unique Treasures, Great JarHunt, The Mad Masker, and the More Interesting Loot displays if you have the mods and their patches (if any) loaded. Displays are listed from the left below.

Hall of Oddities

Outer RingModifier

Fade Cards Display

Fate Cards DisplayModifier

Fate Cards can be found randomly in boss chests and other loot containers, and some of them can be found in fixed locations throughout Skyrim. There is also a Fate Card Trader in The Retching Netch in Raven Rock who can sell or trade you cards.

When you have all 13 cards of a deck, click on any card to form the deck. Each deck gives a small 5 point bonus to each skill or some other perk of some kind. The effects of the decks are stackable, so you can have several at one time.

Upper row
Deck of Arms
Deck of Arms
Deck of Demons
Deck of Demons
Deck of Builders
Deck of Builders
Deck of Draconians
Deck of Draconians
Deck of Mystics
Deck of Mystics
Deck of Shadows
Deck of Shadows
Cards Card of Arms: Ace Card of Demons: Ace Card of Builders: Ace Card of Draconians: Ace Card of Mystics: Ace Card of Shadows: Ace
Card of Arms: 2 Card of Demons: 2 Card of Builders: 2 Card of Draconians: 2 Card of Mystics: 2 Card of Shadows: 2
Card of Arms: 3 Card of Demons: 3 Card of Builders: 3 Card of Draconians: 3 Card of Mystics: 3 Card of Shadows: 3
Card of Arms: 4 Card of Demons: 4 Card of Builders: 4 Card of Draconians: 4 Card of Mystics: 4 Card of Shadows: 4
Card of Arms: 5 Card of Demons: 5 Card of Builders: 5 Card of Draconians: 5 Card of Mystics: 5 Card of Shadows: 5
Card of Arms: 6 Card of Demons: 6 Card of Builders: 6 Card of Draconians: 6 Card of Mystics: 6 Card of Shadows: 6
Card of Arms: 7 Card of Demons: 7 Card of Builders: 7 Card of Draconians: 7 Card of Mystics: 7 Card of Shadows: 7
Card of Arms: 8 Card of Demons: 8 Card of Builders: 8 Card of Draconians: 8 Card of Mystics: 8 Card of Shadows: 8
Card of Arms: 9 Card of Demons: 9 Card of Builders: 9 Card of Draconians: 9 Card of Mystics: 9 Card of Shadows: 9
Card of Arms: 10 Card of Demons: 10 Card of Builders: 10 Card of Draconians: 10 Card of Mystics: 10 Card of Shadows: 10
Card of Arms: Jack Card of Demons: Jack Card of Builders: Jack Card of Draconians: Jack Card of Mystics: Jack Card of Shadows: Jack
Card of Arms: Queen Card of Demons: Queen Card of Builders: Queen Card of Draconians: Queen Card of Mystics: Queen Card of Shadows: Queen
Card of Arms: King Card of Demons: King Card of Builders: King Card of Draconians: King Card of Mystics: King Card of Shadows: King
Boosts One-Handed




Magicka restores on kills


25% boost to Health, Magicka and Stamina for 12 hours after consuming a dragon soul Restoration


+20 Magicka


Lower row
Deck of Fortune
Deck of Fortune
Deck of Travelers
Deck of Travelers
Deck of Walls
Deck of Walls
Deck of Spiders
Deck of Spiders
Cards Card of Fortune: Ace Card of Travelers: Ace Card of Walls: Ace Card of Spiders: Ace
Card of Fortune: 2 Card of Travelers: 2 Card of Walls: 2 Card of Spiders: 2
Card of Fortune: 3 Card of Travelers: 3 Card of Walls: 3 Card of Spiders: 3
Card of Fortune: 4 Card of Travelers: 4 Card of Walls: 4 Card of Spiders: 4
Card of Fortune: 5 Card of Travelers: 5 Card of Walls: 5 Card of Spiders: 5
Card of Fortune: 6 Card of Travelers: 6 Card of Walls: 6 Card of Spiders: 6
Card of Fortune: 7 Card of Travelers: 7 Card of Walls: 7 Card of Spiders: 7
Card of Fortune: 8 Card of Travelers: 8 Card of Walls: 8 Card of Spiders: 8
Card of Fortune: 9 Card of Travelers: 9 Card of Walls: 9 Card of Spiders: 9
Card of Fortune: 10 Card of Travelers: 10 Card of Walls: 10 Card of Spiders: 10
Card of Fortune: Jack Card of Travelers: Jack Card of Walls: Jack Card of Spiders: Jack
Card of Fortune: Queen Card of Travelers: Queen Card of Walls: Queen Card of Spiders: Queen
Card of Fortune: King Card of Travelers: King Card of Walls: King Card of Spiders: King
Boosts Chance to regain health when near death

Increased quality of random chest loot
Carry weight

Generates 1 random food item per day
Light Armor

Heavy Armor

Chance to Paralize on strike

Attack speed

Coins Display

Coins DisplayModifier

Top display case

Old Man's Lucky Coin

Upper left display case

Potema Copper Piece Potema Silver Piece Potema Gold Piece Atmoran Kingmaker Mark Atmoran Bronze Seal Akaviri Brass Token Akaviri Dragon Silver Piece

Upper right display case

Akaviri Dragon Bronze Piece Akaviri Dragon Gold Piece Akaviri Royal Seal Dwemer Platinum Mark Dwemer Copper Mark Whiterun Gold Proof Whiterun Silver Proof

Lower left display case

Merethic Copper Dragonmark Merethic Gold Dragonmark Merethic Silver Dragonmark Ancient Khajiit Bronze Piece Hammerfell Steel Coin Summerset Royal Mark Valenwood Cobalt Star Coin

Lower right display case

Valenwood Brass Star Coin Dominion Bronze Piece Mage's Guild Copper Seal Highrock Copper Crown Highrock Bronze Crown Highrock Gold Crown Highrock Silver Crown

Weapons and Shields DisplaysModifier

Hrolfdir's Shield (replica)
Weapons and Shields Displays 1
Shagrol's Warhammer (replica)
Alessandra's Dagger (replica)
Queen Freydis's Sword (replica)
Pickaxe of the Impatient (requires Helgen Reborn)
Weapons and Shields Displays 2
Balgruuf's Greatsword (replica)
Notched Pickaxe
Weapons and Shields Displays 3
Poacher's Axe
Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
The Woodsman's Friend
Angi's Bow
Weapons and Shields Displays 4
Dravin's Bow (replica)
Hjalti's Sword (replica)
Amren's Family Sword (replica)
Weapons and Shields Displays 5
Headsman's Axe
Roggi's Ancestral Shield (replica)

Inner RingModifier

Jade figurines

Jade Figurine DisplayModifier

Jade Palace Jade Skull Jade Priest Jade Dragon 1
Jade Dragon 2 Jade Dragon 3 Jade Dragon 4 Jade Dragon 5
Jade Elder Jade Warrior 1 Jade Lady Jade Warrior 2

2nd Display Case Group

1st Display Case GroupModifier

Philter of the Phantom Scales of Pitiless Justice Worn Out Rock Hammer
Pest Poison (replica) Michaela's Flagon Death Hound Collar
Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (replica) Shiv The Dancer's Pipe
Ysgramor's Soup Spoon Bloodstone Chalice (replica) Wylandriah's Spoon (replica)

King Orgnum's Coffer DisplayModifier

King Orgnum's Coffer

1st Display Case Group

2nd Display Case GroupModifier

Imperial War Horn
Draw Knife Ice's Stalhrim Spoon of Assassination Torygg's War Horn (replica)
Weystone Focus (replica) Curious Silver Mold (replica) The White Phial (replica)
Saerek's Skull Key & Torsten's Skull Key Tolfdir's Alembic (replica) Balbus's Fork
Torc of Labyrinthian (replica) - Aretino Family Heirloom

Dibella statues

Dibella Statues DisplayModifier

Dibella Statue Dibella Statue Ornate Dibella Statue Dibella Statue Dibella Statue
Dibella Statue Dibella Statue Dibella Statue Dibella Statue Dibella Statue Dibella Statue

SPOILER list - How to get all itemsModifier

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Fate Cards can be found randomly in boss chests and other loot containers, and some of them can be found in fixed locations throughout Skyrim. There is also a Fate Card Trader in The Retching Netch in Raven Rock who can sell or trade you cards.
Deck of Arms:

Deck of Demons:

Deck of Builders:

Deck of Draconians:

Deck of Mystics:

Deck of Shadows:

Deck of Fortune:

Deck of Travelers:

Deck of Walls:

Deck of Spiders:


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