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Dig Sites appear throughout the game as soon as you finish the quest 'A Room with a View' and recruit Professor Patero Marassi during the follow-up quest 'Digging Up Explorers'.

Activating a dig site requires a pick-axe, upon "mining" at a dig site the Archaeology Skill will be raised by 1. Without further archaeology skill perks a dig site will give 2 Fragments and a chance of one Keystone corresponding to the type of dig site.

There are 22 Dwemer, 29 Falmer and 46 Nordic Digsites.


Fichier:Nordic dig site.jpg
  • Angarvunde Ruins - At the end of the dungeon by a wooden staircase.
  • Ansilvund Burial Chambers -
  • Arcwind Point - By the corner of the boss tomb podium.
  • Bleak Falls Sanctum - In the last cavern with the boss, to the left of the entrance.
  • Blind Cliff Bastion - In the last room with Petra
  • Dead Mens Respite exterior - To the right of the entrance.
  • Deepwood Redoubt -
  • Dustman's Crypt -
  • Folgunthur -
  • Forelhost Crypt - In the large room in the Crypt.
  • Frostmere Crypt -
  • Geirmund's Hall - In the small room with the tomb.
  • Gyldenhul Barrow - In the boss room
  • Hag Rock Redoubt Exterior - By the bottom of the stairs.
  • High Gate Ruins Catacombs -
  • Hilgrund's Tomb
  • Ironbind Barrow, in front of a campfire - Large room before the last chamber.
  • Kilkreath Catacombs, in the boss room
  • Kolbjorn Barrow, in the first big cavern.
  • Labyrinthian Exterior, beside the entrance door to the Maze
  • Labyrinthian Thoroughfare, in the big room with the troll
  • Lost Valley Redoubt, hidden in a stone corner under an Aqueduct
  • Lost Valley Redoubt, on the very top
  • North Windcaller Pass - Beside the Etched Tablet ibn the second big room
  • Ragnvald Temple, in the room with the Boss chest
  • Rannveig's Fast
  • Raven Rock Mine, in front of the sealed door to Bloodskal Barrow
  • Saarthal, Saarthal, at the right side of the Eye of Magnus
  • Shriekwind Bastion - Bottom of the main large room next to the trapdoor.
  • Shroud Hearth Barrow
  • Silent Moons Camp - In the back room of the camp interior.
  • Silverdrift Lair
  • Skuldafn Courtyard
  • Skuldafn Top, to the right side of the staircase to the portal of Sovngarde
  • Snow Veil Catacombs, in the first big room with the many Draugr
  • South Windcaller Pass - In the first big Cavern with the three Ice Trolls
  • Twilight Seplucher, to the right side of the main staircase
  • Ustengrav Depths
  • Vahlok's Tomb - To the right side of the sacrifice pit
  • Valthurne Exterior, to the right of the entrance
  • Volksygge Exterior, to the right of the entrances
  • Volunruud Elder's Cairn in the boss chest room
  • White Ridge Sanctum in the first big cavern in front of the trapdoor
  • Windcaller Pass Center, near the Word Wall
  • Yngol Barrow Exterior, before the entrance
  • Ysgramor's Tomb, at the room with the handle to open the locked gate


Fichier:Dwemer dig site.jpg
  • Aetherium Forge, on the left side of the big staircase
  • Alftand Glacial Ruins, in the first big room with the many pipes and the oil on the floor
  • Arkngthamz
  • Avanvhnzel Boilery, in the Boss room
  • Blackreach Debate Hall, in front of the podium
  • Blackreach Elevator to Mzinchaleft
  • Blackreach at the foot of the Dwemer Building to the right of the Alftand Great Lift
  • Bthardazm Lower District in the room with the 4 rotating blades in the center
  • Elevator to Tower of Mzark, on the left side
  • Fahlbtharz
  • Irkngthand Slave Pens , shortly after entering the room with the first Dwarven Spider
  • Kagrenzel, in the small entrance room
  • Kagrumez - In the room after passing the second trial
  • Mzinchaleft Depths, in the biggest cavern, shortly after passing the button-activated gate, near a well
  • Mzulft Boilery, at the end of the Falmer infested cave part
  • Nchardak Great Chambers, one you lowered the water enough to walk on the ground floor, to the left side
  • Nchuand-Zel Control - After entering the control location.
  • Raldbthar Exterior at the start of the staircase to the entrance
  • Reachwind Eyrie - in front of the entrance to the tower
  • Rkund Exterior, near the center
  • Rkund, Ruins of Rkund
  • Sightless Pit, Temple of Xrib


Fichier:Falmer dig site.jpg
  • Darkfall Cave, at the end of the first hanging bridge shortly after entering the cave
  • Darkfall Grotto, shortly after falling through the hole to the right side on a ledge
  • Darkfall Passage, near the chest with a trap trigger surrounded by Gleamblossoms
  • Darkfall Passage, in the cavern with the big waterfall, near a Falmer hut with a Falmer boss chest
  • Darkwater Cavern Origin (?)
  • Darkwater Pass, at the top entrance in the first room.
  • Darkwater Pass, In a side room next to an arcane enchanter.
  • Duskglow Crevice
  • Forgotten Vale Forest, near the boss chest
  • Forgotten Vale, Glacial Crevice, after swimming around in the underground water cave, after two hanging bridges
  • Forgotten Vale, in an inaccessible room within Inner Sanctum opened by the Sapphire Paragon
  • Forgotten Vale, near the 'Start' after surviving the Darkfall Passage
  • Forgotten Vale, near the first Unknown Book at the shore of the river
  • Forgotten Vale, at the frozen lake, at the western shore
  • Forgotten Vale, at the start of the Pilgrim's Path, close to a stone bow structure
  • Forgotten Vale, behind the staircase to the Inner Sanctum Temple
  • Forgotten Vale, in a Lair of the Frost Giant holding the Emerald Paragon
  • Forgotten Vale, aboe the Diamond Paragon Frost Giant Lair on the way to Luca's Pick Axe
  • Forgotten Vale, near the Wayshrine of Learning, across the lake
  • Forgotten Vale, near the Wayshrine of Resolution, at the lake side of the hill
  • Fort Greenwall Lost Ruins
  • Gloomreach Hive
  • Irkngthand Sanctuary, to the left side of the big Snow Elf Statue
  • Liar's Retreat, in the room with The Longhammer
  • Lost Echo Cave
  • Forgotten Vale, Sharpslope Cave, at the bottom of the big spiral staircase
  • Shimmermist Grotto
  • Stillborn Cave
  • Tolvald's Gap