The Moonpath to Elsweyr mod is fully integrated in Legacy of the Dragonborn. Additionally, a few changes have been made to the original, such as balancing, bug fixes and some aesthetics. The original mod is not, however, compatible with legacy, due to the full integration and changes!

It is NOT recommended to switch between the original and legacy mid playthrough. While it can be done, this can also wreck your save-game.

The quest content in this mod can be very difficult if you are under-leveled and under-equipped.

Starting at 70 displays in the museum, Auryen will send you out to retrieve the Staff of Indarys. This will activate two quests in your log

At the end of this quest, the player will receive access to the Hideout (a spacious player home), a return route to Skyrim, and access to new quests within Moonpath to Elsweyr.

During this quest a number of side quests will branch off. Some will reward displayable items for the museum, while others will drive the story forward.

  • Incursion - An overlapping quest spanning multiple areas within Moonpath to Elsweyr. Achieving certain quest stages will lead to other quests opening up.
  • The Dinner Guest - Available after the first few stages of Incursion. Completing this quest will give the Thrassian Plaguesword as loot from the final boss.
  • Desert Style - Further down the progression of Incursion, this short side quest will become available to obtain the Ancient Siligonder Chitin Armor.
  • Rebuilding the past - Available after completing Incursion, this quest will have to be completed to acquire the Staff of Indarys, and ultimately completing the It belongs in a Museum Quest that started this whole quest line.

Elsweyr static


After completing all of the Moonpath to Elsweyr quests, an Elsweyr Display will appear in the Dragonborn Hall, next to the Library door. An armor stand is available on the display for the Ancient Siligonder Chitin Armor.