Main Quest progression in Legacy of the Dragon is tied in to your display count. Some quests require additionally completing previous quests. Display count can be checked at the Entrée on the left side.

Minor quests are triggered through finding certain items or reaching a certain point ingame.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Quests

Adding to the Collection

If you place enough items at once to receive two rewards, you'll need to wait 24 hours to receive the next one.

Display Count Reward
25 Skullcrusher
50 Thornblade. Additionally a messenger will bring you a letter from Auryen and a key to the secret safehouse. The first patron (Jerrin) starts visiting the museum. Collection box is added to the entranceway of the museum, random gold is added daily by the patrons.
70 Auryen will send you to Elsweyr to recover the Staff of Indarys, beginning The Moonpath to Elsweyr's quest content.
75 Rewarded Cleaver of St. Felms
100 Eleidon's Ward, Second Patron (Malakai) starts attending the museum daily. Auryen will have the topic “I have too much stuff” available which will prompt him to offer to sell off items from your sell cart in the safe house.
125 Gravedigger
150 Scourge. Final patrons (Lorna and her son Henry) start attending the museum.
175 Stendarr's Hammer. Avram Shazir arrives as the museum guard.
200 Trueflame
225 Staff of Hasedoki
250 Hopesfire. Speak with Auryen about what is new and he will propose starting the explorer’s guild.
275 Sword of Ancient Tongues. Byron Starts to wander the world looking for you to begin the Shattered Legacy Questline.
400 If the Shattered Legacy quest is completed Shadows of One's Past (museum heist) quest will begin
600 Night at the Museum - commonly referred to as the Haunted Museum. If the museum heist quest is done, the Haunted Museum Quest will be available.

Legacy's museum quests

Main Quest Name Description
Héritage brisé

Byron will start looking for you after you received the Sword of Ancient Tongues at 275 displays.

Once he sees you in the world space, he'll run up to you and hand over a shard and then die. Three Morag Tong assassins are chasing after him and attack you. This will activate the quest in the quest log. In order to speed up the process simply travel to any area outside of Whiterun and wait for Byron. The sword itself does not have to be carried and can be left on display in the museum.

The Ayleid Crossroads The Ayleid Crossroads
Shadows of One's Past / Museum Heist Shadows of One's Past
Une nuit au Musée / The Haunted Museum

The quest starts after 600 displays and after finishing the 'Museum Heist (Shadows of One's Past)'. When returning to the museum after fulfilling these prerequisites, Brother Ikard will speak to you before you can enter.

Les caveaux de Tréfonde The vaults of Deepholme is a quest that becomes available after discovering Deepholme.
Notes d'Auryen Description
Dague de Symmachus Une quête sans suivi pour retrouver la Dague de Symmachus.
Le sabre de Cyrus Une quête demandant de retrouver le Sabre de Cyrus.
Le Coffret du roi Orgnum An untracked quest to retrieve King Orgnum's Coffer.
Lame Glacée du Monarque Une quête demandant de retrouver la Lame Glacée du Monarque.
Umbra An untracked quest to retrieve Umbra.
Le Heaume de Verdesang Une quête demandant de retrouver le Heaume de Verdesang.
L'Anneau du Sorcier An untracked quest to retrieve the Warlock's Ring.
La Cuirasse du Dragon An untracked quest to retrieve the Dragonmail Cuirass.
Les Poings de Randagulf An untracked quest to retrieve the Fists of Randagulf.
Les Outils de Kagrénac An untracked quest to retrieve Sunder, Wraithguard and Keening.
Radiant Quests Description
Finder's Keepers Finder's Keepers

The Explorer's Society

Starting at 250 displays Auryen has the dialogue option to talk about founding the explorers guild.

Main Quest Name Description
Chambre avec vue Build the Siège de Guilde.
Réunir les Explorateurs Recruit members for the Explorer's Society.
Main excavations After completing the Museum heist and reaching a display count of 400 the following quests become available:
Fouilles du Col de Parlevent After achieving the necessary display count of 400 and completing 'Shadows of One's Past' (museum heist) you can talk to Marassi to start the excavation of Col de Parlevent.
Fouilles des Ruines de Rkund Second excavation, available 10 days after Fouilles du Col de Parlevent
Le Visage After completing both Much Ado About Snow Elves and Fouilles des Ruines de Rkund one can encounter the ghost near fort Greenwall. (North of Riften)
L'épreuve de Trinimac The final Excavation, Automatically starts at the end of Le Visage
Secondary Quest Name Description
Glace éternelle Un petite quête débutant pendant les Fouilles du Col de Parlevent et permettant de recréer le Bâton de glace d'Hrormir.
Le Chemin des cieux The quest will start when you find the Dwemer Schematics in Karagas' Tower during the 'Fouilles des Ruines de Rkund'.
Ramifications Build an Société des Explorateurs outpost. Available after 'The Eye of Magnus'.
Ramifications... suite Build another field station. Available after 'Escape from Cidhna Mine'. There is a week's delay after 'Ramifications' before the quest becomes available.
Ramifications... plus que jamais Build the third field station, available after completing the Gauldur amulet. There is a short delay after 'Ramifications... suite' before the quest becomes available.
Radiant Quest Name Description
Camelote This quest is repeatable and can be completed about once every 24 in game hours. At completion, you get a random amount of spell scrolls, a rare book or a treasure map.
Chasse aux Reliques To start, use either Schneider's Sextant or cast the Locate Relic spell. If a trackable relic is nearby, the quest will show up in the questlog.

Moonpath to Elsweyr

The Moonpath to Elsweyr mod is fully integrated in Legacy of the Dragonborn. Additionally, a few changes have been made to the original, such as balancing, bug fixes and some aesthetics. The original mod is not, however, compatible with legacy, due to the full integration and changes!

It is NOT recommended to switch between the original and legacy mid playthrough. While it can be done, this can also wreck your save-game.

The quest content in this mod can be very difficult if you are under-leveled and under-equipped.

Starting at 70 displays in the museum, Auryen will send you out to retrieve the Staff of Indarys. This will activate two quests in your log

At the end of this quest, the player will receive access to the Hideout (a spacious player home), a return route to Skyrim, and access to new quests within Moonpath to Elsweyr.

During this quest a number of side quests will branch off. Some will reward displayable items for the museum, while others will drive the story forward.

  • Incursion - An overlapping quest spanning multiple areas within Moonpath to Elsweyr. Achieving certain quest stages will lead to other quests opening up.
  • The Dinner Guest - Available after the first few stages of Incursion. Completing this quest will give the Thrassian Plaguesword as loot from the final boss.
  • Desert Style - Further down the progression of Incursion, this short side quest will become available to obtain the Ancient Siligonder Chitin Armor.
  • Rebuilding the past - Available after completing Incursion, this quest will have to be completed to acquire the Staff of Indarys, and ultimately completing the It belongs in a Museum Quest that started this whole quest line.

Elsweyr static


After completing all of the Moonpath to Elsweyr quests, an Elsweyr Display will appear in the Dragonborn Hall, next to the Library door. An armor stand is available on the display for the Ancient Siligonder Chitin Armor.

Quest Name Description
It Belongs in a Museum At 70 displays Auryen will send you to Elsweyr to retrieve a donation of the staff of Indarys from a Khajiit named Rakis.
By the Light of the Moon
The Sweet Taste of Elsweyr
The Dinner Guest
Desert Style
Rebuilding the Past
What shall we do with the drunken sailor? ID: Anvil_skullcatdialogue, has not stages and is just a mere Dialogue quest with Skullcat.
A Gift from a Friend 5 days after the guild house is built and after Moonpath’s “Rebuilding the Past” quest is completed, Rakis will arrive and deliver an airship.

Much Ado about Snow Elves

Quest Name Description
Much Ado About Snow Elves Much Ado About Snow Elves

Other Quests

Main article: Autres Quêtes
Quest Name Description
Much Ado About Snow Elves Much Ado About Snow Elves
Galerie de l'enfant de Dragon (quête) Alternate Start Live Another Life, start-up quest.
La Main de la Gloire A quest to rebuild the The Hand of Glory, only available when joining the Dark Brotherhood
Ongar's Kegbreaker Ongar's Kegbreaker Quest
Back to the Drawing Board Back to the Drawing Board
Lord's Mail Lord's Mail Quest
Guardians of the Divine Guardians of the Divine
Gathering the Pieces ID: DBM_PQ_ListHandler , bunch of Dwemerjunk to collect
Quest Name Sanamia's Journals
Sanamia's Journals - Mzulft Sanamia's Journals - Mzulft
Sanamia's Journals - Fort Frostmoth Sanamia's Journals - Fort Frostmoth
Sanamia's Journals - Valthume Sanamia's Journals - Valthume
Sanamia's Journals - Lake Ilinalta Sanamia's Journals - Lake Ilinalta
Sanamia's Journals - Burial Ruin Sanamia's Journals - Burial Ruin

Add on Mod's Quests

The Lost Legacy of the Nine

Chasseur de reliques

Galerie de l'enfant de Dragon (quête)