This area can be accessed from the 1st and 2nd floor of the Library. On the first floor of this area are several static displays that will appear upon completing either specific quests withing Legacy of the Dragonborn or completing supported quest mods. The hidden entrance to the Hall of Secrets is also on this level.

The empty round pedestals are reserved for future display support.

The displays on the second level of this area are located along the walkway connected to the stairwell. Most of these displays are for items, weapons and armor from the mod Konahrik's Accoutrements.

The displays are listed below as they are arranged in game, from left to right.

1st floorModifier

Alduin DisplayModifier


The Alduin display is located between the 2 sets of staircases going up to the 2nd floor of the Dragonborn Hall, and is in front of the Tomb of the Dragonborn leading to the Hall of Secrets. The display is automatically enabled upon completing the main storyline of the vanilla game. It is a very long questline ending with 'Dragonslayer'. The entire questline must be completed for the display to be activated. Skipping quests in any way will prevent it from being enabled automatically.

Alternatively, you can enable or disable it manually by activating it in the Museum Storeroom via the hatch in the Armory, without completing the required quests. It is strongly recommended that you do the quests, however, as there are items gained in the questline that have display spots in the museum.

Shattered Legacy, Sancre Tor DisplayModifier

Shattered Legacy

Display activates after completing the Sancre Tor portion of Legacy's main quest 'Shattered Legacy'.

Sancre Tor Weapon display

Akaviri Fireblade of the Guardian (replica)
Akaviri Shockblade of the Guardian (replica)
Akaviri Frostblade of the Guardian (replica)

Helgen Reborn DisplayModifier


A quest and item display for the mod Helgen Reborn. The item display activates as soon as the mod is installed, but the quest display does not activate until you have completed the main questline.

Helgen Reborn item display

Helgen Guard's Armor Keepers Of Hattu Helmet Dragon's Fang
Keepers Of Hattu Officers Armor
Helgen Guard's Shield Keepers Of Hattu Boots
Keepers Of Hattu Gauntlets

Falskaar DisplayModifier

Falskaar Display

A quest and item display for the mod Falskaar. The item display activates as soon as the mod is installed, but the quest display does not activate until you have completed the main questline.

Falskaar Display

Jarrik's Crusher
Vanvir's Masterpiece

Undeath DisplayModifier

Undeath display

Static quest display for Undeath, will be available after completing the last quest 'The Path of Transcendance'. The display requires either completing the ritual and becoming a Lich, or refusing to become a Lich. List of quests is available on Undeath wiki.

Immersive College of Winterhold DisplayModifier

Immersive College Display

Static ques display for Immersive College of Winterhold, will be available after completing que main quest of the mod called "The Fall of Winterhold" in The Midden.

Moon and Star DisplayModifier

Moon and star static display

A static quest display for the mod Moon and Star, that appears after completing Kagrenar in the main quest of Moon and Star. Note that in order for the three extra items in the Upper Gallery to be displayable the Moon and Star Patch is required and has to be installed at game creation. The Moon and Star mod requires a compatibility patch, it is important that both the mod and the patch is loaded at the same time and this should be done before starting Legacy's own main quest: Shattered Legacy, as both mods use certain unique items, one of which is a required item for Shattered Legacy.

A walkthrough is available on: Steam Dorana's Hammer

The Forgotten City DisplayModifier

TESV 02-10-2016 13-13-29-137

A quest and item display for the mod The Forgotten City. The display is activated when you have installed the MOD and changes appearance when you finish the mission xx with a good ending.

The Forgotten City Display
The Arbiter´s Helmet
Amulet of Silver Tongues

Alduin's WallModifier

Skypalace static

Alduin's Wall

After completing the skyrim main quest Alduin's Wall and reaching skyhaven temple the back wall will change it's appearance to resemble the Alduin's wall from the temple.

The tomb infront of the wall is the secret entrence to the Hall of Secrets. The tomb works just like the secret entrance to the Thieves guild works.

The Wheels of Lull DisplayModifier

Wheels of Lull Display

The Wheels of Lull Display

An alcove with multiple displays for the items found in The Wheels of Lull. The display will be made available at the start of Wheels of Lull.

Not all items are obtainable as some have to be used to get other items.

Left wall

Left wall

Rod of Ohm
Gorveri's Unwinder
Clockwork Sword
Bells of Sotha Ehn
Clockwork Drill
Clockwork Mace
Memodermic Greatsword

Center wall

Lullian Shield
Magnusian Visor
Mark of Seht
Sehtic Security Pack
Dwemeri Cutting Sphere

Right wall

Armor stand

Chronographer Helm
Chronographer Robes
Chronographer Gloves
Chronographer Boots

Right wall

Rotational Harquebus
Targetian Harquebus
Combative Harquebus
Bombastic Harquebus
Lullian Harquebus
Llavados' Accelerator
Artophysical Manipulator

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal DisplayModifier

Grey cowl of nocturnal display

A quest and item display for the mod The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. The item displays are active as soon as the mod is installed.

The static quest display will automatically activate after completing the main questline. After retrieving the Gray Cowl, talk to Seviana Umbranox and escort her and Luvien to the Solitude docks to complete the quest.

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Item Display

Right Eye of Coldharbour
Left Eye of Coldharbour
Alliance of Ancestral Cheetahs
Eagle Eye (Ring)
The Boots of Springheel Jak
Golden Scimitar
Bow of the Forgotten Chaos
The Withdrawal

Konahrik's Accoutrements DisplayModifier

Kohnarik's accountrements

A quest and item display for the mod Kohnarik's Accoutrements. The item display activates as soon as the mod is installed, but the quest display does not activate until you have completed the main questline. For the armor displays, see the 2nd floor.

Konahrik's Accoutrements Item Display

Fodiiz's Robes
The Dragon Forge
Dragon Priest Pendant
Clay Mask
Elder Scroll: Warlord

Wyrmstooth DisplayModifier

Wyrmstooth display

A static quest display for the mod Wyrmstooth. The item display activates as soon as the mod is installed, but the quest display does not activate until you have completed the main questline.

Wyrmstooth Item Display

Vulom's Staff
Severed Leg

Moonpath to Elsweyr DisplayModifier

Elsweyr static

Display activates after completing 'Moonpath to Elsweyr'.

Moonpath to Elsweyr display

Ancient Siligonder Chitin Armor

2nd floorModifier

Dragonpriest MasksModifier

Haldriin Korthor
Vosis Vahlok

Miraak the DragonbornModifier

Miraak (mask)
Miraak's Robes
Miraak's Gloves
Miraak's Boots

Konahrik's Accoutrements Armor DisplaysModifier

Robe vs armored

Robed and Armored comparison

Requires the mod Kohnarik's Accoutrements.

The mannequins can take either the robed or armored versions. See screenshot for a comparison. In order to be displayable and usable the Cursed armored pieces have to be cleansed using a Abjuration spell. To do this drop an item on the ground and hit it with the spell.

Mannequins in order of appearance starting left of Miraak.

Morokei the Glorious

Morokei (mask)
Morokei's Robes or Morokei's Armored Robes
Morokei's Gloves
Morokei's Greaves

Vahlok the Jailor - The Guardian

Vahlok (mask)
Vahlok's Robes or Vahlok's Armored Robes
Vahlok's Gauntlets
Vahlok's Greaves

Krosis the Sorrowful

Krosis (mask)
Krosis' Robes or Krosis' Armored Robes
Krosis' Gloves
Krosis' Greaves

Nahkriin the Vengeful

Nahkriin (mask)
Nahkriin's Robes or Nahkriin's Armored Robes
Nahkriin's Gloves
Nahkriin's Greaves

Hevnoraak the Brutal

Hevnoraak (mask)
Hevnoraak's Robes or Hevnoraak's Armored Robes
Hevnoraak's Gloves
Hevnoraak's Greaves

Dukaan the Dishonored

Dukaan (mask)
Dukaan's Robes or Dukaan's Armored Robes
Dukaan's Gloves
Dukaan's Greaves

Ahzidal the Bitter Destroyer

Ahzidal (mask)
Ahzidal's Robes or Ahzidal's Armored Robes
Ahzidal's Gloves
Ahzidal's Greaves

Zahkriisos the Bloody Sword

Zahkriisos (mask)
Zahkriisos' Robes

or Zahkriisos' Armored Robes

Zahkriisos' Gloves
Zahkriisos' Greaves

Volsung the Horrible

Volsung (mask)
Volsung's Robes or Volsung's Armored Robes
Volsung's Gloves
Volsung's Greaves

Vokun the Shadow

Vokun (mask)
Vokun's Robes or Vokun's Armored Robes
Vokun's Gloves
Vokun's Greaves

Otar the Mad

Otar (mask)
Otar's Robes or Otar's Armored Robes
Otar's Gloves
Otar's Greaves

Rahgot the Wrathful

Rahgot (mask)
Rahgot's Robes or Rahgot's Armored Robes
Rahgot's Gloves
Rahgot's Greaves

Konahrik the Warlord

Konahrik (mask)
Konahrik's Robes or Konahrik's Armored Robes
Konahrik's Gauntlets
Konahrik's Greaves

SPOILER list - How to get all itemsModifier

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